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Feb 28, 2009
Rebels threaten wider Democratic Republic of Congo conflict

From David McKenzie and Laura Smith-Spark, CNN
updated 3:09 PM EST, Wed November 21, 2012

CNN) -- A rebel group now in control of a key city in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo announced Wednesday that it plans to "liberate" the entire country.​
A spokesman for the rebel M23 group said its successful operation to take Goma on Tuesday, the culmination of several days of heavy fighting against government forces, was just the beginning.​
"We will push on to Bukavu, then Kisangani, and finally take Kinshasa and overthrow the government," Lt. Col. Vianney Kazarama said to enthusiastic cheers from a crowd of several hundred at Goma's stadium, according to a Congolese reporter there.​
Kazarama said that once the rebels overthrow the government, they will call for elections.​


Feb 28, 2009
Congo uprising is history repeating
Associated Press
Nov 22, 2012
NAIROBI // History is repeating itself yet again in eastern Congo. Rebels supported by Rwanda are on the march. Civilians are fleeing. And higher powers appear to be taking sides.
Congo and Rwanda have been at this stage before. First in 1996, then in 1998. Also in 2004 and 2008. The first two conflicts had their roots in Rwanda's 1994 genocide, but now the fighting is mostly over mineral wealth.

Congo is rich in diamonds, gold, copper, cobalt and tungsten. The provincial capital of Goma, which fell to the M23 rebel group on Tuesday, is a major processing point for minerals coming out of eastern Congo.

Rwanda insists it is not aiding the M23 rebels, though a UN group of experts report written this year said Rwanda and Uganda were doing exactly that.

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Aug 9, 2003
Some claim that africans on the continent need to reclaim their heritage etc. ...

Do keep in mind past centuries of white colonialism there too!


Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006

Jesus Savior

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Aug 29, 2017
The Congo is an example of a history that should not have been. I fail to understand how any army could be responspible for wipping out 10 million people. Did these people just sit around and wait to be exterminated? Guns or no guns. Ten million people with rocks should be able to repel 100 thousand people with machine guns. I don't get it.

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