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Jun 21, 2005
panafrica said:
This is a site for teaching (learning) and building brother Militant, which brother Tantrum is doing. Very few make the connections between the resources and comforts available in the US, and how many people in other countries were exploited to obtain them. It is up to those who know, to make others aware of this reality.
Thanks. What I find unbelievable is how people take it for granted.
Allow me to post something that will shock you even more. It should be a thread on its own, but I will just post a snippet for you. I just hope its not true as some people claim.
U.S. shortlists five to succeed Obasanjo
By Chinedu Offor, Correspondent, Washington
Washington has picked five Nigerians it believes could take over from President Olusegun Obasanjo even with Abuja giving mixed signals on the third term scheme.

The five have been investigated and cleared by the American authorities.
They are a former world bank official, a South East governor who has had running battles with Obasanjo – and is among a small group of governors resisting an extension of his rule.

They include a retired military officer from the Middle Belt, an outspoken former speaker of the House of Representatives and a serving minister who recently accused Senators of corruption.

State Department officials said they got involved because one of the reasons the supporters of Obasanjo gave for their call for an extension of his tenure is the lack of credible alternative to his leadership.
"This list is our humble contribution to the search for the next leaders of a vital ally like Nigeria", the officials said.
I hope that the above news is some New Year joke and not a violation of another nation's internal affairs.


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Jun 19, 2004
Great posts militant, it is amazing how things have been turned upside down. What is called third world are impoverish countries in the world are actually countries with enormous wealth but yet the people in those countries are poor. What's going on here people why is that Africa which is one of the wealthiest continents on this earth. Why are it's people perceived as being poor and underdeveloped? This is and amazing situation and the funny thing is Africans in america will look at the situiation and assume that it has nothing to do with them. We have been throughly mis-educated because the same circumstances apply to us as well as our Africans brothers and sisters in the mother continent. In fact if you look at the situation for the African all over this world you will see the same game being played on us and yet we still can't see the connection. We are sitting in this country today feeding every other race while our children starve. We talk about unemployment in our communities but do we ever sit back and think how many jobs we create for other people just based on how we spend money? What's going on in Africa is no different from what's going on all over of this world when it comes to Africans and we must be able to see that connection.

The African man and woman in america has not recognize yet that we are a nation of people in a country full of other nations of people. Samething in Africa despite all of the superficial differences Africans our a part of one nation and until we recognize this. Other nations who are developed and recognizes themselves as one nation with the same interest will continue to come in and exploit the resources of Africa for themselves.
The same tired bourgeoise leaders in Africa that has continued to lead the countries in Africa straight to hell. Are no different from the tired leadership that we are so accustomed to here in america.

I have said this before black people. As long as we are dominated by another people we will continue to act in ways that are against our best interest. That's what domination is all about people it is not about the dominator being fair our nice to the dominanted people. And by the way that is basically all our so called leaders are asking from whites. When you look at how we interact with whites politically, socially and economically that's all we seem to want from them. These people who have basically bumrushed our country and have used all types of violent methods to control the resources of our country. Yet we as a people get excited and all warm and fuzzy on the inside when a representative from any western country, especially in the usa talks of Africa as if we should be happy they are or will extend charities to Africa.
To me that is a joke you got this cat from U2 running aroung here talking about ending poverty in Africa. This is the same neo-colonial game that these people have been playing on us forever. Africans are poor because of how we've been made to think and what we've been made to believe. So just getting europeans countries to give us aid will not change a damthing for the African and they know it. If they really wanted to end poverty in Africa they would redistribute the wealth and deal with the difference in the power structure between the european and the African but they are not going to do this regardless of any moral obligations you may think they owe us.


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Jun 21, 2005
Very Excellent, youngblackceo. You summed it all up perfectly. I couldnt have said it better!! And with the fall of USA we have the rise of China as the new colonialist of Africa.


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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
militant said:
And with the fall of USA we have the rise of China as the new colonialist of Africa.
The enemy of my enemy isn't my friend. African needs to realize this before it is too late.


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Feb 1, 2005
StreetNationEarth: Seattle
The Meek !Shall! Inherit the Earth.
panafrica said:
African needs to realize this before it is too late.
for "African", read "WE"!

or, i suppose, american born/bred Africans can just keep "looking over there" every time somebody calls you an "African". i am getting so disgusted by that little piece of brainwashing that i find it really hard, too much of the time, to listen to, read of, or hear from "you"!

sorry, but that is my pain and i guess it doesn't have to mean anything to you. to some extent, there are some that have grown up and realized that we are all Africans, regardless of what country we live in. and sometimes there is some awareness that if anything "is to be done for Africa", Africa/WE will have to do it!

oh, but don't mind me; go on back to the game or american idol or the sitcoms or the new cd ..... (oops! `scuse; back to lurking!)
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