Black People : Concerning John Allen Muhammad, Ken Bridges and Matah


Aug 14, 2003
American Beach, Florida
Concerning John Allen Muhammad, Ken Bridges and MATAH

The Law of Time in Human Affairs

A letter from the Editors-Underground News Network-UNN
Re: Word is Bond & The New Millennium Minstrel Show
September 10, 2003

Twenty-two days from the inevitable event, September 11 2001, October 2 2002 - thirteen months later, a full moon, Washington D.C. area sniper shootings began. Seemingly, at random, men, women and a child of different races and walks of life were targeted just as it was in the twin towers event. People of all races and walks of life, the twenty two days here as in twenty two days from the inevitable event, 2+2=4, which has the same numerical value as [13]; thirteen months later, the tarot card of death, which appeared on the scene at the time and point of the 13 year old boy shot by the sniper. We must also understand that the number 22 is the end of the Hebrew alphabet, which indicates judgment of, or the end. Note the English alphabet has four more letters; know that the beginning of the shootings started on the full moon of which Sukkot begins a Hebrew celebration etc. Note again six days after, Sukkot ends, to get a full understand of this six days, which will reveal the law of time in human affairs, we must go back or look back at the inevitable event, September 11, 2001; six days after would be September 17, 2001. September 17 happens to be the eve of the Feast of Trumpets, Yom Kippur, in the Hebrew calendar, trumpets to usher in a new millennium. Going back from this date, in 300-year leaps, we run across some surprises, all concerning beginnings. On September 17 1701 for instance, the new astronomical moon Teori, appeared and James II, last of the Stewarts in England, died. As concerns us most here, September 17 2001, six days after 911, note six days after, represents 6,000 years, each time red granite appears in the great pyramid, such as the plaque in the antechamber it refers to events in history of the so called Hebrew people, by prolonging the line of the ascending passage downward. And establishing a scale of one inch to one year a period of six millenniums is obtained. Just below the red granite plaque, is the final date September 17 Yom Kippur 2001 A.D. the rule of Adam, the created white man is up. So we see 911 signaled the end of a 6,000-year rule of the so called Illuminati, Adam.

The Beltway Sniper event was in harmony with this, the inevitable event, it all was a signal to us of and from the law of time in human affairs. Some may ask why this or that person had to die, we must look to the bible for answers, which states, "Come out from her Babylon the great has fallen, has fallen." So we see God is no respecter of persons, if we are caught up in the system we will go down when the system goes down. As for the MATAH incident, money was involved just as the twin towers was symbol of great wealth. To have that type of money, you are a part of Babylon's system, no way around it, "in god (money) you trust." For more understanding see Word is Bond. Note this article or letter was composed September 10, Full Harvest Moon, one day before the second anniversary of 911 and thirty days from October 10, another full moon and the trial of John Allen Muhammad. We must change the way we think of ourselves and our future. We have received this message through events in life currently, 911 and October 2 was a door opened to this new way of perception, August 27 2003 [See Article Shattering the Matrix], and July 23 2003 [See Article In Memory of the King], brought this message even more close to home [See Nibiru, Islam and the Solomonic Dynasty. To all you conspiracy theorists, John Muhammad was unconsciously programmed by the timing of Earth itself.

We are replying to responses to our writings concerning John Allen Muhammad, we have also published a book in spiritual support of John Allen Muhammad. Our case is one against the death penalty, as Journalists, we have watched the media as we have pointed out in our book. Racism is prevalent in this case, many a white killers were not given the death penalty, Son of Sam is a case and point, who media consulted at the time to send John Muhammad a letter asking him to stop the killing. The man who shot the pope did not get the chair, the pope even forgave him; the man who shot Reagan did not get the chair, and none of the people killed by the sniper held a higher position than Reagan or the Pope.


Loner who shot Reagan 'ready to be released'
By Toby Harnden in Washington
(Filed: 27/08/2003)

The loner who shot Ronald Reagan in 1981 is said by his doctors to have been cured of the mental illness that led to his assassination attempt.

John Hinckley, 48, has been confined to secure wards in St Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington for more than 20 years after being found not guilty of attempted murder by reason of insanity, but could soon be released without supervision.

After making several visits, accompanied by psychiatric staff, to bowling alleys, bookshops, cinemas and the beach over the past three years, Hinckley has applied for 10 unsupervised visits to his parents' home in Virginia, including five overnight stays.

In court documents, Hinckley's lawyer, Barry Levine, stated: "It is undisputed that Mr Hinckley's psychosis and depression have been in full remission and that he has shown no symptoms thereof for over a decade.

"Mr Hinckley does not pose a risk of danger to himself or others now or in the reasonable future."

Martha Knisley, Washington's mental health director, agreed that Hinckley's mental disorders were in full remission and said his trips outside had gone well.

"He handled these privileges responsibly," she said in a letter filed with a federal court in preparation for a hearing next week.

"Notably the community outings were without incident and did not result in any problematic recognition of him or incur significant media attention."

Several of Hinckley's day trips around Washington have been with Leslie deVeau, a former patient at St Elizabeth's who was found not guilty by reason of insanity of the murder of her 10-year-old daughter, Erin, in 1982.

Court documents said the couple's relationship "has reportedly changed from romantic to platonic".

DeVeau, 49, has been released from St Elizabeth's but visits Hinckley every week. Previous applications for release were withdrawn due to Hinckley's obsession with the actress Jodie Foster.

In 1987, he was discovered with 20 photos of Foster, with whom he had become fixated after seeing her in the film Taxi Driver.

He was also found to have corresponded with the serial killer Ted Bundy and Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, who tried to assassinate President Gerald Ford in 1985.Prosecutors, who said Hinckley shot Mr Reagan to impress Foster, oppose the leave request.

"Because of Mr Hinckley's history of deception and violence, the government objects to Mr Hinckley's motion for limited conditional release.

"Hinckley fired six shots outside the Washington Hilton in March 1981 after approaching the presidential entourage.He wounded Mr Reagan, James Brady, his press secretary, Timothy McCarthy, a secret service officer, and Thomas Delahunty, a police officer.

We have gotten feedback from ones who follow Ken Bridges who speak out against what happened etc. We should understand cosmic law, a soul is sold for $100 million dollars, someone had to pay. Its universal law that nature extracts its price, nothing is given for free. There are some nasty vibrations on the $100,000 dollars, that is just a fact, dead white presidents, a hundred million of them. We know that money is the root of all evil it was his destiny even his partners knew.

Since the Beltway Sniper incident, some black people want to see it as a government or illuminati conspiracy; some try to say Muhammad is a Manchurian Candidate. Others even go as far as to say Louis Farrakhan is involved in the killing of Ken Bridges; I think the accuser in this case should be careful; some say Bush used Muhammad to bring about certain laws. If you MATAH candidates want to buy black, buy our book for it will explain what is going on here, but we don't think you want to do that in reality you are just trying to make money. You are caught up in the world's largest legal pyramid scam, MATAH.

Ital Iman I
Editor in Chief/UNN

Since ones are sensitive to the fact that Ken Bridges of MATAH was a victim of the sniper, I wish to bring forward more insight on this matter. To my knowledge, Ken Bridges was not a black revolutionary, nor in a position to overthrow the government, but a black businessman, hence a part of the "system" - posing no threat to the U.S. government or anyone else. I do not wish the life of any black man or woman for that matter to be taken, nor do I place the value of any one life greater than another. Who are you to decide that this life was any more valuable than Conrad Johnson or the brother from Haiti? Is it because Ken Bridges had a $100,000 million dollar deal attached to his name? If you can recall correctly there were three black men who fell victim to the sniper. As aforementioned in the previous writing The New Millennium Minstrel Show and also our book Word is Bond, the incidents that occurred were divine and guided by a force higher than this earthly plane, if you could only read the signs then you would also see. The black redemption and/or freedom does not rest in a dollar, what will it take for you to wake up and see.

African American Holocaust

Many black lives are taken each day at the hand of the oppressor and have been for a very long time now in case some of you have forgotten slavery, Emmett Till, Diallo, Bob Marley, and others mentioned in our previous writings. Who decides the value of one man's life greater than another? Everyone lives and dies each day, such is the cycle of life. The question is whether ones die with righteousness in their hearts and minds, not whether they had millions of dollars. Money does not make the man? As long as ones decide to mix and mingle with demons, forever aspiring to be as the devil, they will face the same fate and/or destiny as the devil they are so eager to be like. You read your bible (well some of you) it is always said God is a god of love and also fury, wrath, vengeance and anger to name a few. Sometimes the righteous die along with the unrighteous but no one but the law of nature and time decides. Ones like to say that it was not this person's time or why did they have to go, that is because it was their destiny and/or fate, karma and laws of nature dictate, whether by natural causes or the hand of another.

The ones who have raped, tortured and killed our people for years have yet to face judgment, meanwhile some of you don't even feel it fit for them to be judged, but you are quick to judge your brother. How can any black person be judged by a band of white men [devils] who are not his peers, where in the world would John Muhammad get a fair trial? Who is fit to decide if he should live or die...not you. The very prison system was designed for the black man, why do you think more than 50% of the crimes are committed by whites, but the prison population is more than 50% black, go figure? The ones that sit on the thrones of law and judge us are the most evil men on the planet, murderers, thieves, pedophiles, etc and have committed the worse crimes against blacks, so called weaker nations and nature itself.

As long as ones wish to dwell in Babylon, caught up in the system, ever revolving around a dollar bill, for it is the only god most of you worship; that same dollar that the massa uses to keep you oppressed along with this "Jesus" myth, then you will face the same fate as the demons who created this illusion. Again, I ask will you live as gods, or die with the demons? We offer you truth on a golden platter, to get the cobwebs out your brain, what will you say when judgment comes for the day is near. What have you done to free your self and your people from this illusion created by the demons running this planet? When will you wish for their judgment for decades of evil deeds, oppression, enslavement, lies etc? Will you continue to tap dance so you can pay your bills? Will you keep on buying the food massa prepares knowing very well it is the poison that is cluttering your brain and destroying your temple? Forever a slave to the system but you do not complain cause massa has you complacent. Don't you know he is trying to kill you on a daily basis, in the most evil and elusive ways.

When will blacks stand up for truth and righteousness instead of being afraid of what massa gon do and say. A lot of you are even afraid to wear cultural garments and natural hair for fear of your job and what others might say. You are too busy trying to mimic the speech of the man, dress as he does in your suit, tie and khakis, and yes you sisters in your tight skirt suits; all while trying to get his dead presidents, to get that bigger house, that bigger car, move to that white neighborhood, continuously seeking the approval of your oppressor. You trust him for your check, to supply your food, govern you with his laws and this is the very devil that has desecrated everything black on this Earth and he hates you. Yet in still you accept whatever idea, lie, etc. that he feeds you but when it is black truth then it falls to death ears. You can't trust the word of your brothers and sisters when you hear truth, you won't hear what we have to say till massa tell you its ok and he won't for this is Black Truth and the last thing he want is for you to wake up. But, if massa says the sky is falling like Chicken Little, you will run. Remember the revolution will not be televised, are you ready?

I don't wish death on no one BLACK, life goes on and so should we, will another black life compensate for Ken Bridges..."Let he without sin cast the first stone," I doubt if any of you qualify. We present our case against the death penalty, "Word is Bond" in spiritual support of John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo. Everything happens for a reason...

Da.Uru I
Executive Editor/UNN

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