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Jan 21, 2020
mind is more than a network of neurons. there is a mystical component. there is a spiritual component. there is magic.
It's not that I don't want to agree with you. I do. I just can't make the leap based on something I'd like to be true vs what logically fits. To me, and I cannot overstate that this is my opinion, all the magic happens when the value of the collective is greater than the individual sum of its parts. In other words, the same way that a computer with an 8 core CPU and the latest nVidia RTX card can handle ray-tracing... which for those who don't know means tracking individual rays of light from a light source and bouncing off objects to get realistic lighting the way that actual light works... even if it's partially a hack.... it is, to me, a kind of magic that simply wasn't possible before. Back in the early days of CGI it used to take many computers sometimes many hours to render a single frame of animation. So the idea that this could be done in real-time was like... "yeah buddy. You just keep dreaming."

But technology gets smaller, faster, and more efficient. And its not because 1 thing just gets better the way that single core processors kept increasing in speed during the 90s. Now it's because we're adding more "cells" into the mix and creating multi-threaded applications that can walk and chew gum at the same time. Even super computers 20 years ago... not so super today. Now they're like regular or weaker. In fact, the PS3, which used "cell technology" was networked with other PS3s in place of a super computer.

The point is, that the "magic", as it were, is created by the communication between 86 billion neurons. It's a numbers game. Look at ants in a hill, bees in a hive, nature doesn't just reproduce. It organizes energy into structures that operate like a machine, where each part of that machine, each organ, is a live, and is a worker, contributing to the society of the machine. Can a single tribe of 327 people beat a nation of 327 million? Can those 327 people produce the same out put of art, science, music, sports, books, movies, etc. that 327 million people can? Will their economy be the same, just scaled down 1,000,000 times? No. There's a reason why Walmart dominated and put mom & pop stores out of business. There's a reason why you get a different sound from a choir than you get from a quartet; even one as good as Take 6. There's a reason why we were able to sail, drive, fly, and even make it to space. It wasn't the work of 1 person. It was many people putting those 86 billion neurons together and thus multiplying the output potential.

That's where the magic is (in my humble opinion).

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