Black Poetry : Comparisons Are Inevitable—And Dangerous


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Feb 15, 2001
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We sleep in crowded beds, bringing learned behaviors
from lovers long past, techniques from names long forgotten.
Illusion manipulates minds, making believe there is more,
the grass appears greener, but it is just the other side.
Inevitable comparison makes false judges,
obscuring the strength in what is already present,
measuring reality against illusion and partial truth.
New faces invite another assessment, another starting point,
another set of faults for dismissal, another set of values
another opportunity to mislead our judgement.

An invitation to comparison is an invitation to danger
as human psyche resolves itself to the best-case scenario,
creating 20/20 hindsight, presupposing positive results
when truth says that retrospection only appears clearer
because one disaster in romance does not preclude another.
Each former lover comes to our next relationship.
Knowingly or unknowingly, they reside in our minds
and make comparisons of former loves to the current,
and wreaking havoc in our relationships that are distinct,
in the comparisons sight is lost that we are no longer there
and we know the reason why, before we start to compare.

Because of some shortcoming, we are not there,
real or imagined flaws, either in them or ourselves.
We left them or they left us for a reason and that reason
is the truth we overlook whenever we make comparisons.
The more we strain, the more illusive the illusion becomes
until recognition slips through the door to our minds and
discovers what is good for oneself and that which harms.



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Mar 24, 2005
Virginia Beach,Va
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Oct 4, 2003
Well, I am quite taken by this also. Comparisons are inevitable, and if we can just stop ourselves right in the middle of those comparisons, and remember that these are two separate people and situations, perhaps the past can remain where it the past. Thank you for these thoughts, brotha.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
man Ra...... this was on point and felt by comparison

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