Black Poetry : Cognac & Grand Marnier


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Jan 29, 2001
~ramblings from the hope chest~

....look @ her

she ova dere smilin,
she fakin, doe
so caught up in appearances...
ooops, never admitted dat schhhhtuff befo

yeah, she vain, & proud...

.. (troof be told)...tearin down her house
wit her own **** handz trynna get MO....
when errybody thought she already
had erry **** thang

well whut tha heyell they know?
'parently she di'nt think so-

I don't xpect no one to unnerstan'
what I'm sayin tonite

see, "she drunk"

and her mind ain't right...

....done had one too many
be-otch never could
hold her licker... :D

& ohhhhh HEYELL nawwwww
she ain't playin wit no 40 oz ....

other thangs is much quicker

she drankin tha Ko-nee-yak and tha
Grand Mahnyay.... nig'GAHHHZ!!!!
what they call it ...?
a French ConneKshun?

she got thangs on her mind..
she BIZZY~ she PRE~ OCK~ Q~ PIED
she DEEP IN THOUGHT.... and what not

dreams of how many degreez of
separation can she live wit pleez?
& visions of divorce court dancin in her
pickled ***/eff'd up head...
neva mind whut mama, daddy and
the pastor said...

she thankin she gonna un-do some papers
& toss them bad boyz like all them
used up candy wrappers
caught the vapors...

EFF dat ESS y'all....

we talkin LIBER - muhfuggin- RAY - SHUN,


whut-a-sustah-need~whut-a-sustah-need in set her wild *** free

oh, my bad....

xcuse my BLACKness...sometimes
I can be so un~kooth ;)

runnin my mouf bout thangs
y'all might mistake as

but when the buzz is onn
who can tell whut's really "factual"???

eyelids is heavy and tha nod
is deep

but it's all good...cuz


she smilin like a chess cat

in her sleep....

Alyce, 2001 (c)

From "The Woman In My Attic"


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Apr 3, 2001
I you know how mo' fo' tight your panties are???!!!

Dayuuummmmm...even when u be drinking u be belching prophetically and with perfect prose-ture!!!!!

I am loving this woman in the attic...I can see her too...clothes all tattered...rustling through her day short of catching up with her future.....yeah...her clothes are old...but the panties are toooooo tight!!!


:toast: :toast: :toast: :toast: :toast: :toast: :toast: :toast:


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Apr 2, 2001
Ms. A

you must didn't hear me when you were at the bar so Immma say it again , keep openin that dayum chest of yours sis.



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Apr 9, 2001

Lovin this angle of approach..seeing her as if she's sittin' across from me..excellent work right here !


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