Food Discussion : Cocosmilk do they sell it like a drink ?


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Apr 26, 2004
Hi fam :heart:

i just bought a drink ..

coconut water with pulp.....

its nice tough.....

but actually i was looking for a drink like coconut milk but than served cold ..

not for you to use it in food but just to drink it like that....

Can you buy sumthing like that in a can......?

if you know one ..

the name of it i hope you can let me know....


thank you:kiss:



Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Coconut Milk .....
there are a few brand on the market but most have a foul taste or bitter from the
artifical additives to make the cream homogenize .

here is two i like and good healthy

Chao koh the 14 oz can
Mae Ploy the 19 oz can

never freeze it , but have it cold is good !

Beware of the look alike type and these two are carried mostly in
all southeast Asian markets but you can find it in some places not
sure where beside southeast Asian

Also beware of the kind you get and don't get the power type
it's been known to have some kind of power added and other things
to make it whiter then it really is and have a nasty taste .

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