Khasm13 : chinese water torture....part 1


Mar 26, 2003

i wake up groggy and senseless...
um...where am i?
my hands and feet are shackled leaving me defenseless
laying naked in a dark drafty room...
silence happened to could i have missed this

the right side of my head hurts and feels like i've been beat double fisted
with my mouth dry and my lips being swollen, chapped and blistered
i...hope that this is only a dream...but this grim reality persisted
the taste of blood is bitter on my tongue
this place where i lay is damp and smells of rotted flesh from bones thas hung
my breath weezes cause i bleed internally from a punctured lung
where did my oppressors snatch me up from?

all i can remember is being in da laundry mat
then 24/7 piece late at night cause during da day i slacked
i was the only one washing clothes that night
then i recalled two men dressed in black walking towards me from da back
as i folded up my comforter set and placed them in a neat stack
they walked pass me...unshaven and grissly not looking at me
so i gazed away....then whack!!!!!!!
intense pain...a flash of white light then fade to black....

my body lays on this metallic table crumpled and with extreme woe i'm racked
what do they want from me...what deed of mine caused this dastardly act
just then... a cold callous voice broke the silence

"mr. buchanan....after your numerous warnings...why do still defy us?
you put me in an awkard postion cause we've neva had to do this to writers"

a dark figure came in...with goggles that gave them night vision
and then...they gaged my mouth with a small towel which strapped down to the table at the head end...

"too bad you did not heed my previous words to the wise
now you will die a horrible death...was stupidity worth your demise?"

i think to is he refering to
my mind is can i get out of this...what can i do?
cause still...i don't know what they are going to do
then i heard the ceiling above me move...

water came down in drops on the towel gaged in my mouth with a plop
each drop making the towel more wet...with my head restrained...i could not move away from da dot...
my breathing is becoming increasingly difficult...making my labored lungs burn hot...
why are they doing this to me...f_k...i'd rather get shot....

conclusion coming later this week...​


Well-Known Member
Feb 6, 2005
Educating the Diaspora
Mechanical Engineer
As I begin to visualize this piece I find myself in the postion of the captured.

Nice piece! Im waiting to see how the rest unfolds.


Well-Known Member
Oct 4, 2003
All that gruesome detail leaves the reader clinging to the edge of their seats wanting to know....what's next? But you know what Khasm? I'm thinking this may have something to do with some folks withholding something....hmmm....okay then, I'll stay tuned....


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
man -o-man captivity in the sour drama can dem
the last life what u did here was took me in deep
now i want more more moreeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
give me more of dis torture whewwwwwwwwwwwwww!

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