Khasm13 : chinese water torture....con-clue-zon


Mar 26, 2003
drip by agonizing drip
the towel stuffed in my mouth swells...expanding
pulling apart my quivering lips
the tips of my fingers are bloody from
tearing at the rope grips as i choke on water sips
i now know why they want me dead
cause i write about ish black folks need to have in their head
instead of what the media and the rich have spoon fed
to us…blinding us from true justice….thus
leading us to the valley of broken dreams that have turned to rust
barren and desolate my soul now feels
cause i’m strapped down tightly from my wrists down to my ankles and heels
in my head the wheels turn, trying to get my @ss out of this steel slow burn
this gruesome episode will leave me on ice…chilled…a fate i did not earn
for writing down truths of the world…i now lay helpless…with invisible faces staring at me…stern
the minutes pass like hours…i breathe in water on each breath…making my injured lungs sour
my body is broken…and even if it wasn’t…i still would not have the power
to escape this jail after punishing my evil captors while they cower
my eyes are getting heavy…as water fills my insides like the drain in a shower
i'm so eyes finally close....
leaving me to explore like eddie bauer....

i wake up in the hospital 2 weeks later
the first thing i see is the nurse…then some flowers

later i read the note on the flowers….
and it said….continue with your work…while i live
evil will topple like the twin towers....

soul eternal​


Jul 2, 2003
Very Nice Khasm13
Did I miss the beginning of this tale chinese water torture. Bring the link and attach it here, so the entire story can be read.


Jul 2, 2003
Now you can't leave us hanging without part three.. who freed you?

" later i read the note on the flowers….
and it said….continue with your work… "

Who left the note? :peace:


Well-Known Member
Feb 6, 2005
Educating the Diaspora
Mechanical Engineer
Outstanding piece it left me as a reader on the seat of my pants not knowing what to expect next. Thrilling conclusion to a great piece of poetry. Thanks for sharing and allowing us to be woowed. :terrific:


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