Zambia : China; playing the plantation Lord game in Zambia


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Dec 5, 2009
brother if you want to debate me then lets go at

and be man enough to debate me when I am logged on instead of prissy backbiting remarks while I am not logged on,

but if you desire to label me come say it to my face to Brooklyn and do it like a man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm beginning to think you're troll.


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Oct 30, 2005
ALL economies are contrived, meaning they don't HAVE to exist as such---it is purely dependent upon what the people permit and tolerate. If African (i.e. BLACK) people are still clinging onto the notion that we were here before any other race, then we have to understand that any economies and civilizations we had were built WITHOUT the assistance of any other race, then there is nothing but a sheer lack of self-respect and outside manipulation/brainwashing that would tell us, with EVERYTHING (including labor and brainpower) we need ALREADY in our possession, that we need to be dependent on other folks' bull**** exploitation in order to survive. It is THEY who are dependent upon the resources of Black people to keep their contrived economies going. I need you to come into my land, on which I've lived since time immemorial, to tell me what works when I've had the blueprint for millenia? The only thing Black people need to do is get other folks OUT of our business so we get our blasted minds back. THAT is the only way to build. How do you allow other people to create debt for you based on resources and wealth you already own???? CONNECT THE DOTS BLACK PEOPLE!!!!

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