Children who steal?


Apr 22, 2003
Hmmmm! I don't know if I would be tolerable of a 16yr old relative stealing from me as I would a younger child.

I have'nt had that experience. Thank you for bringing this up! I hope that he can change his ways and I know it is possible for him to change.

This brings a question to my mind, When or at what age should we close the doors on our children? How do we determine when teaching them whats right is a lost cause?

I try to be always hopeful for the best. I am aware that it do turns for the worst. But there is still hope!


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Dec 25, 2003
Children grasp so much knowledge in their early years. And this is when we have to start teaching them.

We teach them to share their toys, not to play with matches, etc. My kids were taught NOT to pick up things in the store unless I told them. In other words, they didn't just grab candy or a book.

They were taught to ASK for it. If I had the money, I would buy it; otherwise, I would explain that I would get it next time.

The nephew was raised in very unloving conditions (with his mother). His father got custody of him when he was about 12 years old, so at the time, the boy was already lying and stealing.

The boy will go in the store with his dad and is forever taking things, not paying for them. He has a very bad attitude and as for me, I can't be bothered with him. I have tried to reach out to him, but with no good results. My son was going to strangle him for cussing me out, but I told him it's not worth it - just don't hang around him. My son could be a positive example for him, but he does not want to be with him on a stealing spree - you hang with someone who steals, they will usually arrest you as an accomplice.

We have to teach at a very early age and also lead by example. My daughter made negative choices, but when those cops scared her, she stopped. The officers admired what I did even though it was painful. As one officer told her that her mother was trying to keep her from making serious mistakes in life, because eventually, thieves get caught.


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Mar 10, 2004
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I have stolen from my mother before and my family members, so I will say what I think helped me to stop from stealing and committing other acts of crime.

I honestly think there are some kids who really need to see some jail time, sometimes jail works and for others it does not. In my case it did not, after spending 1 year incarcerated I got back out and did 10 months in life and was locked up again for another 2 years for other charges.

I was not afraid of cops, I assaulted them and got beat up a few times, and I created an image in my mind of them being an enemy; thus, I got colder.

Some kids go to jail once and never come back it frightens them and scares them straight. Sometimes it is good but some of us, it is not.

However, I think the key thing that helped me end my criminal career was the fact that I took responsibility for my own actions. I stopped blaming the white man, my parents, my environment, my problems; I realized that I was the person causing the problem.

Once I made this realization, I was able to stop catching felonies and I stopped stealing, selling drugs and everything else I was doing.

I believe that if parents instill this accountability early in their kids. They will not have to worry about some of these problems when they become teens. Too many times, we blame other sources for our kids’ problems, when the problem is really with our children.

I personally believe that no white man or any other person made me commit crimes, I know others have different opinions, but as for my life and me. I know I was responsible. Once I established the responsibility, I changed. Of course, it was not overnight but eventually it came.

Once someone stole from me, I realized the trouble I caused other people, once I had a friend addicted to crack, everything hit home. I truly believe that what goes around comes around. In addition, I am glad it came around in my life at an early age, because I was heading for State Prison on a scholarship.

I must also add, please do not abandon the child; the worst thing we can do is leave the child to the custody of this society. If my mother had given up on me, I would have been in prison, another hole in time. I know it seems difficult, but please do not give up on the kids, just be there for them when they need you the most.

I know change can come; I went from catching Felonies to Filmmaking. From Stealing to winning Speech Championships Nationally, and a host of other things that a boy who was called a failure is now a man preventing the failure of others.

Nevertheless, with all this said the only way change can come is if the person wants it, if they are not accountable for their own actions, this catharsis will never take place.

Thank you for reading.

This is not a cure for all, but it is one way I believe that can help.


Apr 22, 2003
Thank You Brother Manasiac for
sharing such a personal experience.

It is indeed a challenge to stand firm
on the faith and hope when we see
our children steadily moving on a
fast pace to prison and or death.

Your testimony is proof on how
our children can change their
ways of thinking. How faith
and hope for our children
should'nt be pushed aside when
their path seems dark.

As adults we should constantly remember that we are not going to be around forever. Our very own children are the ones who are going to set the pace for our Grandchildren. We want their environment to be as healthyand safe as possible for them to grow and learn from. We should'nt turn our backs on the children who are stumbling towards destruction. No, we can not save them all. Many will fall by the wayside, But those who make the most positive changes will voice over the ones who are still falling. If the number of crime and death increase beyond the number of children who try to maintain the straight and narrow, Then our grand children will be in a state of emergency.

So I agree with you Manasiac, That we should not turn our backs on our children, but instead keep trying to find other methods to make them realize that the first step out of a destructive situation is taking responsibility for their very own actions.

Thank you Vj57 and Manasiac for shining much knowledge on this topic! :thanks:

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