Children who steal?


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May 18, 2004
That kid would have to earn my trust back and work off the debt....make her do things to ammount to the value you put on what was stolen.....dont hit no one elses kids. If you cant get her to stop and teach her right from wrong, tell her she is banned from your house.

Make the threat and give her a set ammount of time to learn the difference between right and wrong, and repay the debt......tell her if she did not live up to what you expect in the given period, she will not be allowed within your doors or even on your yard for a year. (and mean it!!)


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Mar 21, 2001
it may be wise to tell her Mother and also let her know she can't come back
over to play until she learn that stealing is wrong and admit she took something from your home i agree with MrBlak statement and mean what you say but it's the right
thing to do and tell her mom what she doing the problem lay within somewhere at
home maybe her mom not giving enough attention kids do things for attention
sometime they like something and will pick it up and keep it not understanding it was
stealing she could be confused about what stealing really is a talking to may help


Apr 22, 2003
Wow! Just look at the voices of my Brothers! :D
I read all of yous suggestions earlier but could'nt
respond right away. I was'nt home and did'nt have time.
I think all of yall suggestions are great and I will apply
them to my situations. I'm also surprised that my sisters
did'nt spray no knowledge up in here.
Brotha Kente, your comment forced me to find humor in this
stressful situation and I thank you for makin me Smile!
You have all blessed me with great ideas and I truly appreciate them
from the core of my soul! :kiss: :grouphug: :thanks:


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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
PurpleMoons, I tried to start a coin collection as well....but I kept running out of money, and I had to spend them. ;) Kente417Mojo had great advice. Although you want to help these kids (which is admirable), you also have to protect your valuables. Until you find out whodoneit......lock up all your stuff & nail everything down!


Apr 22, 2003
I tried to start a coin collection as well....but I kept running out of money, and I had to spend them.
Lol! It's funny you should mention this because that is what sent me after the coins in the first place. LOL!

I've been collecting the state coins every since they came out. The philadelphia mint and the denver mint. I have all the Philadelphia mints and most of the denver ones. I have'nt seen any for this year as of yet.

The two coins that has gone missing is the gold indian head dollar. That one is easy to replace but( please bare with my spelling of this one) The Susan bieantnie coin I have'nt seen for years now and hope I come across it again.

Unfortunately Brotha Panafrica, I know it was her because everytime something has gone missing she was the only one around at the times. Also I have retrieve items from her that she attempted to take. She tried to past the blame off on someone else but the items was in her possession. I should have pulled her card on it then and there, but I thought that the humility of being caught would have straightened her out. I know as a kid, that did it for me me. I was wrong not to get her mother involved in those incidents. I know better now.

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