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"We are most positively affected by those words that inspire, educate, and heal. These words exist for the betterment of the human spirit and everyday living"

Profound Word is an online publication (available in hard copy format, early 2003) which serves to display and echo the voices of Poets, Songwriters, Authors, Lyricists, Visual Artists, and others with something profound to say. Making one collective, profound statement through artistry!


* Art by Damaris. This self-taught artist is in love with Nature and the Creator.
I first spied our featured artist, Damaris, doing her thing live at the infamous, Apache Cafe (formerly Ying Yang Cafe) in the heart of downtown Atlanta, GA. I don't recall which event was featuring there that particular night, but I vividly remember this sista, seemingly in her own world, surrounded by various paints and not much more before her than a plain, white canvas ...

*PW Interactive - Interview with Donnie.
PW: If you could only give the world ONE song from this album, which would it be? And why?
Donnie: (long pause) Just one song? (another pause) I'd say, it would most likely be...

*PW Book Feature - E.A.R.L. - The Autobiography of DMX.
A painfully honest account of how one individual overcame "a lifetime of suffering" by discovering and believing in his lyrical talent. His journey of self-discovery began with beatings, robbery, and group homes, lead to jails, car chases, gun battles, and rap wars, and culminated in commitment, love, fame, and fortune...


In Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, type: WWW.PROFOUNDWORD.COM

Thank You and Enjoy!

Profound Word
Monalisa D. Moody-Davis, Editor


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
welcome within da house of destee's place
surely most will check it out ! welcome!
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