Brother AACOOLDRE : Central Intelligence (the Movie review)


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Jul 26, 2001

By Andre Austin


The CIA & FBI are engaged in an ongoing public relations clean up job of their true image of criminal activity.

From time to time Hollywood steps in masquerade these criminal outfits to make them look like the good guys wearing white hats. Actor/comedian Kevin Hart is being used for this very purpose in the new movie Central Intelligence (2016). CI is a parody of the CIA attempting to save the world.


The CIA/FBI were involved in the assassination of JFK, MLK and RFK etal. The CIA should stand for “Cocaine Importation Agency. The CIA has killed in the USA:

1. Union leaders

2. Political activist

3. Journalists

4. Scientists

5. Artists

The CIA supposed to be in the intelligence gathering but also includes the Elimination business too.

The CIA isn’t for saving the world. They are in it for saving the status quota and social structure of white supremacy of international bankers and corporations.

This essay isn’t against Kevin Hart he’s just a comedian trying to make a dollar. This is about awareness and letting everybody know we are hip to the game. All right, alright, allll right Mr. Hart, we don’t see nothing wrong with learning from the CIA weaponing culture when we go to check out your new movie on a weekend night.

And Now you are hip to the game!!!!!

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