Africa : Cde Mafa visits Pan Africanist Congress of Azania


May 19, 2007

It was in the spirit of the Gweru Summit that Working Committee meeting held in Johannesburg, Azania had to be accompanied by practical work that fosters the African revolution. The weekend begin with the June 16, 1976 Soweto Uprising Commemoration Rally sponsored by Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) of Azania. The Rally of 2 000 high spirit youth addressed by the keynote speaker PAC President Letlapa Mphahlele on effect of mis-education on Africans, Kwanisia Mafa the President of Zimbabwe Pan African Youth Agenda (ZIPAYA) immaculately explained the intensions and the tactics of imperialism to crush the revolution in Zimbabwe, land utilisation programme in Zimbabwe and need to expand it across the continent and PAYCO President Sbusiso Xaba called on youth to assure community self-reliance. A major cultural concert directed by Lehlohonolo Shale of the PAYCO which was attended by 500 people graced by revolutionary poetry, live inspirational music and dance groups was held in the same Saturday evening with a short address from Sbusiso Xaba on history and importance of 1976 Soweto Uprising. There were two PAC Soweto Upraising Rallies in Cape Town and Tzaneen attended by more than 2 000 and 1 000 young people respectively.

Working Committee on Gweru Resolutions

The meeting gave the opportunity to the Global Afrikan Congress to make a presentation on the progress since the Suriname Family Gathering. The importance of strengthening the participation and influence of Southern African in Pan African affairs was emphasised. It was in that spirit that NNLC Youth League based in Swaziland was given a task of chairing the regional organisation, PAYCO of Azania was to serve in its secretariat and Zimbabwean based ZIPAYA was to be responsible for the commissariat. Membership recruitment is immediate priority for Working Committee therefore each member organisation was allocated two territories or states in Southern Africa.

The urgency of practical implementation of Gweru Resolutions was shown by Working Committee instruction for immediate translated of resolutions to action plans before the end of August 2007. The chairpersonship was to submit an action plan on resource mobilisation. The secretariat was to submit basic documents for institutionalisation of regional body. It was under the stewardship of chairpersonship that each member was task to determine assisted required from the region for the coming Elections in the next two year as they present opportunities for Africanist trajectory to establish and maintain its hegemony in Southern Africa.

The commissariat was to submit a plan on Reparations, Support of Zimbabwean Economic Revolution and Ideological Training. It is significance of Africa people’s reparations claim against Europe and its Diaspora for holocaust, genocide and exploitation of resources both natural and human instead of debt relief and inherent uniting factor of reparations puts African revolutionaries in direct confrontation with the western imperialist forces. Solidarity messages are welcomed but Africans in Zimbabwe do not eat slogans therefore the region has undertaken to mobilise Africans across the world to contribute practical in implementation of alternative economic solutions in Zimbabwe. Ideologically grounded cadres are the key to revolution triumph.

It is in the arena of contesting ideas and interests that the secretariat was tasked to coordinate the propagation programme as per member organisations’ commitment in the first Working Committee meeting in May 2007. The African Peoples’ Socialist Party has made its infrastructure www.************* which includes Burning Spear Publishing, Burning Spear Records, Burning Spear Newspaper, Uhuru Radio and Uhuru TV available to all African working class organisations. The Working Committee resolved to take full advantage of this gesture by encouraging member organisation to contribute articles and take broadcasting slots on Uhuru Radio with particular focus on news analysis, give world a look to its contribution to the African revolution and write an ideological driven opinion piece.


It was apart from exploring Soweto and its struggle history that the work of Working Committee was closed in style by Kwanisia Mafa appearance on the premium national radio station SAfm ( on Monday to give the youth perspective on Zimbabwean agrarian revolution. It must said without any fear of contradiction that Southern Africa youth is the process of building an administrative and organisational machinery that undermine the artificial borders for benefit of all African people. It is important that Africanist organisation in Southern Africa become part of this revolutionary work and all revolutionaries are encouraged to recommend revolutionary organisations in the region. It is model to be explored and duplicated by the youth formations in other regions of the African world. It is duty of All African people to the revolutionary African youth formations going beyond pay-lip service to youth development and put practical support to young soldier ready for a revolution.


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Oct 25, 2005
If this MEETING had a CONCERT going on...IT MAKES ME WONDER based on this history of so called PAN-AFRICAN movements they were UNDER CONSTANT ATTACK and had NO TIME to ENJOY MUSIC FAMILY etc.

Don't know what to make of IT but I do appreciate the EXPRESSION.

Oh well.

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