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Sep 17, 2012
Most of the food we use in the Caribbean has an African origin.

Conki the root word from African Kenkey

Barbados' famous conkie is a corn based traditional dish which is also referred to as stew dumpling. It has been said that conkies have been derived from a Ghanaian dish called 'kenkey', a similarly prepared corn meal dish

This is made from cornmeal, grated coconut, grated potato, grated pumpking, spices and butte the mixture is then wrapped in banana leaves and put in a saucepan to steam.


This a porridge is made with cornmeal, grated coconut (optional) and milk and added spice. I ate this as a girl .Interesting the term we used here in Barbados is PAP the same word that is used in South Africa.

Cornmeal was and still is a staple of Caribbean people.

Will cover some more later.
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