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Feb 15, 2003
ok everyone here is another one of my drama episodes. there is thisguy let call him d-money that i met through an ex boyfriend. me and d-money was real cool together. he loved me alot and even cried over me more then once. we was together while i was with a total dog. well i ended up getting pregnant by the dog and telling d-money about it. come to find out d-money had gotton his girlfriend the ***** pregnant and she was going to be due a few months before me. so d-money told me to get an abortion and move to another state with him. well the second part sounded real good but i couldnt kill a baby even if it was going to be born by a man with nothing but drinking on his mind. so i told him i couldnt do that and that we could still be together and i wasnt looking for nobody to play daddy to my child. he cried i cried we talked and we talked for days to come. i wasnt all totally in love with him but i had major love for him as a good friend. anyway it has been a year since we last spoke and i cant find him any where. i would like to see how he is doing and tell him that i lost my baby do to the baby's father abuse and that i hope things went well for him. i looked up his name yahoo and found several people with the same name as his. i was thinking should i call the numbers too trak him down or just let it be. i know if he heard from me he would be very happy though. please let me know your thought on this thank you

Jan 22, 2001
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Originally posted by tastygurl
come to find out d-money had gotton his girlfriend the ***** pregnant and she was going to be due a few months before me.
TastyGurl ... referring to people as "*****" is not allowed on this forum. Okay?

I think my response to your other thread would apply to this one as well.




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Mar 21, 2001
what you should understand if he wanted u he would be
around still surely him and his new family has moved on and you should too ......i tell you this for the best LET IT GO !
find ya self a good friend and stop letting ya thoughts of love
have u thinking love
any man that say kill whats so beautiful a life is not a man nor
the best thing for u no matter how he make u feel
U need to open up your third eye and see reality of life
your blind when it comes to love .......U need to be on a meltdown
and seek your own furture get self together

sadly sorry don't call or seek him let him be surely he's with that
woman & child living happy let them be ...


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Feb 18, 2003
i agree. he's away for a reason. and u can't find him for a reason. by the next time u see him, i predict, u won't want to know him.

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