Black People : Canonical List of Kemetic Kings

Keita Kenyatta

going above and beyond
Feb 7, 2004
I was able to obtain this listing from an Afrakan Organization that basically follows the teachings of Ankhnaton. This organization also obviously has access to material that the masses normally won't see. In fact, if you don't have a Ph.d, have not been initiated and have not been referred by someone else with authority, we can't even get onto the site. So now my goal with some help is to find the english equivelant just so people will know who is who . This is obviously going to be some work...for example; There's 8 Kemetic Female Rulers listed and we know that the white academia and many Afrakan scholars only tell us about Hatshepsut or Cleopatra....even though to my knowledge there were 8 of them.

Nisutiu-bity em Tawy
The Good Neteru, Rulers of the Two Lands, since Zep Tepi, as canonically accepted by the Kemetic Orthodox Early Dynastic/Archaic Period.
2. Meni Narmer
3. Teti Hor-Aha
4. Iti Djer
5. It(er)a Djet
6. Zemty Den
7. Merybiya Anedjib
8. Semerkhet
9. Qebeh Qa’a
10. Hotepsekhemwy
11. Nebnefer Raneb
12. Netjeren Ninetjer
13. Wadjnes Weneg
14. Sened
15. Perenma’at Sekhemib/Peribsen
16. Nebwyhotepimef Khasekhemwy
17. Nebka Sanakht
18. Netjerikhet Djoser
19. Sekhemkhet
20. Khaba
21. Huni
22. Nebma’at Senefru
23. Medjedu Khufu (Khnumkhufwy)
24. Kheperi Djedefra
25. Userib Khaefra
26. Kakhau Menkaura
27. Khentkawes (I) (female)
28. Shepseskaf
29. Irma’at Userkaf
30. Nebkhau Sahura
31. Userkhau Neferirkara Kakai
32. Shepseskara
33. Khentkawes (II) (female)
34. Neferkhau Neferefra
35. Setibtawy Niuserra Ini
36. Menkauhor Kaiu
37. Djedkara Isesi
38. Wadjtawy Unas
39. Sehoteptawy Teti
40. Merytawy Neferdjaheru Meryra Pepi (I)
41. Ankhkhau Antyemsaf Merenra
42. Netjerkhau Neferkara Pepi (II)
43. Nitocris (female)
44. Merenre (II)
45. Wadjkara
46. Qakara Iby
47. Meryibra Khety
48. Wahkara Khety
49. Merykara
50. Kaneferra
51. Nebkaura Akhtoy
52. Sehertawy Intef (I)
53. Wahankh Intef (II)
54. Nakhtnebtepnefer Intef (III)
55. Sankhibtawy Nebhedjet Sematawy Nebhepetra Montuhotep (I)
56. Sankhtawef Sankhkara Montuhotep (II)
57. Nebtawyra Montuhotep (III)
58. Wehemmesut Sehotepibra Amenemhat (I)
59. Ankhmesut Kheperkara Senwosret (I)
60. Hekaenma’at Nubkaura Amenemhat (II)
61. Seshemutawy Khakheperra Senwosret (II)
62. Netjerkheperu Khakaura Senwosret (III)
63. A’abau Nymaatra Amenemhat (III)
64. Kheperkheperu Maakherura Amenemhat (IV)
65. Sobekkara Merytra Sobekneferura Sobeknefru (female)


66. Khutawyra Wegaf
67. Sankhibra Ameny Intef (IV) Amenemhat (V)
68. Auyibra Hor
69. Sekhemra-Khutawy Sobekhotep (II) Amenemhat (VI)
70. Userkara Khendjer
71. Sekhemra Sewadjtawy Sobekhotep (III)
72. Khasekhemra Neferhotep (I)
73. Khaneferra Sobekhotep (IV)
74. Merneferra Ay
75. Sekhemra Sankhtawy Neferhotep (II)
76. Aasehra Nehesy
77. Maaibra Sheshi
78. Meruserra Yakubher
79. Sawoserenra Khyan
80. Aawoserra Apepi (I)
81. Aaqenenra Apepi (II)
82. Anather
83. Yakobaam
84. Sekhemra Shedtawy Sobekemsaf (II)
85. Nubkheperra Intef (VII)
86. Senakhtenra Ta’o
87. Seqenenra Ta’o
88. Wadjkheperra Kamose
89. Nebpehtyra Ahmose (I)
90. Djoserkara Amenhotep (I)
91. Aakheperkara Djehutymose (I)
92. Aakheperenra Heqaiunu Djehutymose (II)
93. Maatkara Hatshepsut (female)
94. Menkheperra Djehutymose (III)
95. Aakheperura Amenhotep (II)
96. Menkheperura Djehutymose (IV)
97. Nebmaatra Heqawaset Amenhotep (III)
98. Neferkheperura Waenra Amenhotep (IV) (Akhenaten)
99. Ankhkheperura Nefernefruaten Merywaenra Smenkhkhara
100. Nebkheperura Heqaiunushema Tutankhamen
101. Kheperkheperura It-Netjer Ay
102. Djoserkheperura Setepenra Meryamun Horemheb
103. Menpehtyra Rameses (I)
104. Menmaatra Meryenptah Sety (I)
105. Usermaatra Setepenra Meryamun Rameses (II)
106. Bauenra Merynetjeru Hotephermaat Merenptah
107. Menmira Setepenra Heqawaset Amenmesses
108. Userkheperura Setepenra Merenptah Sety (II)
109. Sekhaenra Akhenra Setepenra Merenptah Siptah
110. Satra Meryamun Setepenmut Twosret (female)
111. Userkhaura Meryamun Setepenra Mereramunra Setnakht
112. Usermaatra Meryamun Heqaiunu Rameses (III)
113. Heqamaatra Setepenamun Heqama’at Meryamun Rameses (IV)
114. Usermaatra Sekheperenra Amenhirkhopeshef Meryamun Rameses (V)
115. Nebmaatra Meryamun Amenhirkhopeshef Netjerheqa Rameses (VI)
116. Usermaatra Meryamun Setepenra Itamun Netjerheqa Rameses (VII)
117. Usermaatra Akhenamun Sethirkhopeshef Meryamun Rameses (VIII)
118. Neferkara Setepenra Khaemwaset Mereramun Rameses (IX)
119. Khepermaatra Setepenra Amenhirkhopeshef Meryamun Rameses (X)
120. Menmaatra Setepenptah Khaemwaset Mereramun Netjerheqa Rameses (XI)
121. Piankh
122. Khakheperra Setepenamun Panedjem (I)
123. Maasaheretj
124. Nesbanebdjed (I)
125. Khakeperra Setepenamun Panedjem (II)
126. Hedjkheperra Setepenra Meryamun Nesbanebjed (II)
127. Neferkara Amenemnisut
128. Akheperra Setepenra Pasebakhaenniut (I)
129. Usermaatra Meryamun Setepenamun Amenemope
130. Aakheperra Setepenra Osorkon (the Elder)
131. Netjerkheperra Setepenamun Meryamun Siamun
132. Tyetkheperura Setepenra Meryamun Pasebakhaenniut (II)
133. Hedjkheperra Setepenra Meryamun Sheshonk (I)
134. Sekhemkheperra Setepenra Meryamun Osorkon (I)
135. Heqakheperra Setepenra Meryamun Sheshonk (II)
136. Usermaatra Setepenra Meryamun Takelot (I)
137. Usermaatra Setepenamun Meryamun Osorkon (II)
138. Hedjkheperra Setepenra Meryamun Sa-Aset Takelot (II)
139. Usermaatra Setepenra Meryamun Sa-Bast Sheshonk (III)
140. Usermaatra Setepenamun Meryamun Pami
141. Aakheperra Sheshonk (V)
142. Aakheperra Setepenamun Osorkon (IV)
140. Hedjkheperra Setepenamun Meryamun Herusaaset
141. Usermaatra Setepenamun Meryamun Padibast
142. Usermaatra Meryamun Sheshonk (IV)
143. Usermaatra Setepenamun Osorkon (III)
144. Usermaatra Takelot (III)
145. Usermaatra Setepenamun Rudamon
146. Usermaatra Meryamun-Sabast Iuput
147. Nemaaretj (Nimlot)
148. Neferkara Peftjawybast
149. Shepsesra Tefnakht
150. Wahkara Bakenrenef
151. Userma’atra Seneferra Menkheperre Piye
152. Neferkara Wahibra Shabaka
153. Djedkara Menkheperra Shebitko
154. Nefertemkhura Taharqa
155. Bakara Tanutamen
156. Wahibra Psamtik (I)
157. Wehemibra Nekau (Necho)
158. Neferibra Psamtik (II)
159. Haaibra Wahibre
160. Khnumibra Sa-Nit Ahmose (II)
161. Ankhkara Psamtik (III)
162. Mesutira Cambyses (II)
163. Setutra Darius (I)
164. Xerxes
165. Artaxerxes (I)
166. Darius (II)
167. Amyrtaeus
168. Baenra Merynetjeru Nafaarud (I)
169. Maatibra Hakor
170. Kheperkara Nakhtnebef (I)
171. Irmaatenra Djedhor
172. Senedjemenra Setepenanhur Nakhtnebef (II)
173. Artaxerxes (III)
174. Arses
175. Darius (III)
176. Meryamun Setepenra Alexander (III) (Alexander the Great)
177. Meryamun Setepenra Phillip Arrhidaeus
178. Haaibra Setepenamun Alexander (IV)
179. Meryamun Setepenra Ptolemy (I)
180. Userkaenra Meryamun Ptolemy (II)
181. Iwaenneterjwysenwy Sekhemankhra Setepenamun Ptolemy (III)
182. Iwaennetjerwymenkhwy Setepptah Userkara Sekhemankhamun Ptolemy (IV)
183. Iwaennetjerwymerwyitu Setepptah Userkara Sekhemankhamun Ptolemy (V)
184. Iwaennetjerwyper Setepenptahkhepera Irmaatenamunra Ptolemy (VI)
185. Ptolemy (VII)
186. Iwaennetjerwy Meryptah Setepenptah Sekhemankhamun Ptolemy (VIII)
187. Iwaennetjerwy Meryptah Setepenamun Sekhemankhamun Ptolemy (IX)
188. Iwaennetjertwy Meryptah Setepenptah Irmaasenenamun Ptolemy (X)
189. Ptolemy (XI)
190. Iwaenpanetjernehem Setepptah Irmaat Ptolemy (XII)
191. Berenike (IV) (female)
192. Ptolemy (XIII)
193. Ptolemy (XIV)
194. Netjeret-merites Cleopatra VII (female)

195. Iwapanetjer entynehem Setepenptah Irmaatenra Sekhemankhamun Ptolemy Caesarion (XV)
196. Sekhenetma’atra Setepenra Hekatawy Tamara (female)

Omowale Jabali

The Cosmic Journeyman
Sep 29, 2005
Temple of Kali, Yubaland
Creative Industrialist

Omowale Jabali

The Cosmic Journeyman
Sep 29, 2005
Temple of Kali, Yubaland
Creative Industrialist
I have seen this list many times and posted before some corrections but it would be too time consuming to go through archives.

So, the most obvious problem with the list is its first omission.

How do they omit the first, then claim to be the last, supposedly an incarnation of the first?

Then they omit the Original 'Madonna' icon, the Original 'Mary'.

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