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Apr 24, 2004
I'm a Cancer man and have gone against the grain a few times according to the earth-water-fire compatibility rules. Naturally, things went awry:

Cancer-Cancer - There really was too much water.

Cancer-Aries - The physical part was fun, but that was about it.

But, I did date a Virgo for a time and I'm still reeling from it (in a good way).


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Feb 3, 2001
New York
Cancer is a cardinal water sign that is ruled by the Moon, which rules all females. It is a feminine sign, meaning that its nature is receptive and centripetal. Males born under this sign have more problems with females than those born under any other sign. For example, O.J. Simpson, Clarence Thomas (remember Anita Hill?), Mike Tyson, Nelson Mandela, Geraldo Rivera, who was accused of adultery and is separated from his spouse, and, of late, Bill Cosby...

Discriminating Virgo can greatly appreciate your romantic, emotional nature, giving you the passion and fidelity you must have for complete physical happiness in return. Each of you can supply what the other wants and needs the most...

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