Science and Technology : Can Social Networking Defeat White Supremacy?


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Jun 18, 2004
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Brotha James What Do You Think Do You Think Its Possible If A Social Network Gathered The Attention Of People Of Color And Offered Everything They Needed To Defeat Their Own Personal Oppression That Together We As A People All On The Same Page All Doing The Same Thing The Right Things Can We Defeat Of Will It Go To A Point And Then Our Oppressors Will Smack Us Down Black Wall Street Style. What Do You Think Brotha James?
i think black people in america will never be able to unite on anything...too brainwashed
When I Sit Back I See Many Instances Of Us Uniting But Not For The Reason Of Liberation We Unite On The Various Social Networks, We Unite Collectively On The T.V Networks We View The Music We Listen To The Food We Eat. The Brainwashed Masses Follow So If You Know What Appeals To The Sheep And Has Its Attention And Then Duplicate That Thing That Has The Sheeps Attention Would The Sheep Even Notice Anything Has Changed? I Think Not I Just Dont Think The Sheep Would Notice FBook Wasnt FBook If All Their Friends Were There And It Worked The Same If You Get What I Mean. Ive Made Something Like This Except Its Covers All The Bases Need For Us Black Folk.

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May 7, 2009
And To Add There Is No Such Thing As A Symbol Of America Or Anything Of The Sort. All Symbols Associated With America Are Stolen For Ethiopian Ancestry. The Eagle Stolen From The Symbol Of The Falcon The Symbol Of Heru Dont Make Me Go On Peace And Love.

I've done a little research on the eagle, but itcan be a good symbol. Doesn't it depend on the person today?

I know it became the symbol of JOVIAN and it was the symbol for Sumerians.


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Jun 7, 2016
Peace And Love To All,

Im New To And Believe Social Networking Can.
I don't know exactly what you mean by social networking but consider this. Whites own the keys and man the gateways to the internet. Even the DNS system which we Blacks once regulated by the way (Emmit McHenry) is maintained by white owned companies. Your idea has merit though. We can initiate contact with each other via the internet and by word of mouth. Any real discussions over the internet are a bad idea as they are easily captured or if they so choose they can entirely change the message to confuse the recipient.

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