Black People : Can ANYONE win a discussion/debate without addressing assertions and answering relevant questions?


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Jan 14, 2005
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Do you characters have the vaguest idea as to just how very BIZARRE/FUNNY you are?
JohnMaskelyne;28050595 said:
To have a vague crack at the first bit, and I mean this in a very genuine way, if the goal is to "highlight" and thus communicate something with others, I would question the style of your posting. It feels more broadcast than communication, to me at least.
Which means what, you’re not the first poster that I’ve encountered whose standard response to relevant assertions and questions is [to dive for cover or head for the hills] headlong flight, why are you and most folk so fragile?
JohnMaskelyne;28050595 said:
I hope you take that as intended to be helpful, as it is.
Haven’t you so consistently “benevolent” types been “helping” non-whites in general, the African collective specifically for over 500 years now, with your assistance making the original inhabitants of this planets least resource rich continent [Europe] the wealthiest people on the planet TODAY, which begs the question can the rest of humanity survive any more HELP from you and your ilk?
JohnMaskelyne;28051036 said:
Well I suppose it is a little comforting to learn my response is not unique.
JohnMaskelyne;28051036 said:
But I think you are demonstrating my point. You are on a discussion forum and, I think from what you have said, are looking to engage with others in discussion in order to communicate with them.

But, it seems to me, and you seem to agree, that you are not able to do this - others won't answer your questions etc.

So I guess you can have two responses to that - you can wait until everyone else starts to communicate differently, in a way which fits better with you, or you could experiment with communicating differently, to see if that is more effective in achieving your goals.

If you fancy a go at the second option, I am happy to give it a crack (though I don't know that I will have anything especially insightful to say on the topic!)
Though in the USA its standard in a court of law to plead the 5th Amendment in circumstances where your answers would be self incriminating, wouldn’t ANYONE with even a moderate level of rational processing power re factual information struggle if they had to defend your perspective/stance with regard to the litany/catalogue of easily verifiable human rights abuses/murderous maliciously EVIL CRIMINALITY instigated and perpetrated by both your European ancestors and the current status quo on non-whites in general, the peoples of African ethnicity specifically from the start of the ongoing African HOLOCAUST over 500 years ago, to TODAY?
Isn’t the very obvious WINNER in any discussion/debate ANYWHERE else, the person whose assertions and questions [with regard to the thread’s theme] cannot be addressed or answered by the rest [of the forum/message board forcing them into total DENIAL/to literally run away and hide ALL the time], in stark contrast to the manner in which I’ve never EVER had to panic/bail out or felt the need to constantly project and promote OVERVIEW [probably because I am agile enough to concede when I’m wrong]?
Now can you relate to why the so consistently pitiful emotive dross that I usually encounter as standard on ALL of these message boards has left me worryingly close to accepting that the pandemic of BRAIN DEATH currently afflicting this planet means that not just you and your ilk, but virtually ALL of humanity really are trapped in feckless clueless AUTOMATON mode; and that there really aren’t any genuine CONTENDERS as opposed to very very easily spiritually/factually and intellectually challenged PRETENDERS out there [if your/their responses to date truly are the best you/they can do], or are ANY of YOU ever going to step up/prove me wrong, any time soon?
Isn't ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?


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Jan 14, 2005
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Why don’t you folks EVER answer questions in the direct manner possible with this medium?
JohnMaskelyne;28050158 said:
I don't think I'm suggesting that they would lie - merely that if the position is as you state it, it is a view which is at odds with all of the other writers or academics I have found. It appears to be a niche position which has not been taken up by other Egyptologists and authors.
REALLY, how would you explain the fact that historical luminaries like Dr Hawas, Dr Neal Spencer [subtly asserted that Augustus viewed Djedefrah’s pyramid as pre-cut stones], Dr Dobreth and quite a few other prominent historians presented this update to the GARBAGE that had previously attempted to marginalize Djedefrah as a murderous heretic/usurper of the throne as opposed to being a very very dutiful son [who put a complete boat in Khufu’s pyramid to aid his father Khufu’s journey in the afterlife] whose greatness still drawing pilgrims 2500 years after his death probably piqued/enraged that jealous bigot Augustus into so systematically deleting him from history?
JohnMaskelyne;28050158 said:
I'm afraid I don't understand your point about the programme. I haven't seen it I'm afraid but it may well have been reactions to the programme which I read about. I will be sure to take a look if I come across it - it certainly sounds contentious! I wonder what sources they found for such precise dating.
All the historians featured were very obviously trying to not be malicious/disparaging about the Romans and Augustus [as they do have to eat and get paid] despite how specifically the facts that they presented at the end of this programme were highlighting the Romans on Augustus’s watch as probably the most malevolently destructive cultural VANDALS on the historical record, or do you know a worse example [I don’t]?
BTW, so how did you KNOW without the very detailed reconstruction done of the “Lost Pyramid” on this programme that Djedefrah's pyramid's apex was the highest point in the Pyramid field?
ramblemania;28050574 said:
Orisons, you need to go to Italy. Go and see it's exquisite beauty; the architecture of Andrea Palladio, the art of Caravaggio, Giotto and Canaletto.
ramblemania;28050574 said:
If you say it can't be beautiful because these were all white guys then there is really no dealing with you.
How on Earth would I cope?
Why are you folk veering off on this tangent in any case in that what is so radical about the so easily verifiable fact that the Romans executed Yeshuah [begs the question what the blue eyed Tteutonic blond usually depicted in churches worldwide was doing there/especially as even TODAY very few Semites match that description] who had hair like lambs wool and skin like burnished brass [thus if Christ came back like that wouldn’t they just execute the troublesome c*** again], dispersed literally drove the Jews out of Israel for giving them too much hassle; and utilised scorched earth as standard [as underlined by the manner in which they pillaged Carthage] so as to make sure their enemies/comparable empires that they conquered, couldn’t easily rebuild their culture/civilization?
I have been to Bologna, Venice and Pisa in Italy, had a great time saw many beautiful sights, but how many of YOU KNOW why Julius Caesar had to add July and August to the calendar that the Romans were trying to use, which kept on going out of sync with the seasons [highlighting that like the Greeks and Babylonians they too had copied a concept from Nubia/Khemet/Egypt that they didn’t fully understand], and are any of you aware of the original calendar format as deduced in Nubia/Khemet/Egypt circa 3500 BCE?
Isn't ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?


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Jan 14, 2005
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I can come up with more stuff, but basically, we need to re-learn to agree on something without trying to tear our own heads off, first, or UNITY ain't gonna happen over anything positive.
Fun and games needs to be over.

One Love, and PEACE
Thank you for this so very interesting perspective rationale, however isn’t one of the most obvious lessons of the still ongoing African HOLOCAUST of over 500 years duration the fact any ethnic clan or nation that isn’t both intelligently organized and led with their own nuclear arsenal, while living on territory laden with strategically vital natural resources; is just a VICTIM in WAITING [as highlighted by Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Lebanon, despite the fact that Iran is THEIR primary target in the region], who won’t have to wait long?

Isn’t it a fact that peoples of African ethnicity in Africa and the Diaspora are still in severe trauma/catastrophic SHOCK due to the so all pervasive scale/range of our so totally devastating collective defeat due to the ongoing African HOLOCAUST of over 500 years duration? Wherever we live in the Diaspora (whether in Jamaica, Brazil, USA, UK etc) regardless of what our current nationalities are, at least we know that we are not really at home, because our original home is Africa (even though some of us consciously repress that fact).

However haven’t peoples of African ethnicity in Africa have had to cope with the totally emasculating trauma of being completely dominated by our enemies during Europe's Imperialist/colonial onslaught on their own land/ancestral home?

I compared it to a total stranger walking into your 20 bedroom mansion and subsequently [having
the means of] forcing you to live in the smallest room; an African friend of mine corrected my assertion; he said “When they came to Ghana they didn’t make us live in the smallest room; they told us the toilet is where we belonged and made us stay there”.

Isn’t it standard procedure for military combatants to be debriefed after combat operations or wars, due to the fact that without debriefing it would be virtually impossible for the combatants to regain their psychic balance/equilibrium after a prolonged traumatic experience?

Don’t the more obviously wounded/damaged also subsequently receive whatever psychotherapy psychoanalysts deduce is required to make them whole?

Contrast those facts with the non-existent psychotherapy we peoples of African ethnicity (in Africa and the Diaspora which includes theUSA) have received to date (in conjunction with the fact that as
opposed to acknowledging the wrongs, saying sorry and making reparations, aren’t our enemies making the same play again in the guise of their WAR ON TERROR) after surviving the so maliciously EVIL, sadistic Genocide/HOLOCAST perpetrated by our White Supremacist Racist enemies ancestors against our ancestors [and their siblings who were tortured, mutilated and murdered for refusing to ever BOW/BE BROKEN] over the last 500 years, so why would anyone be surprised that our communities display such a wide array of socio-economic dysfunction, TODAY?

Can you NOW relate to why ALL the peoples of African ethnicity in general, in the USA and the rest of the Diaspora along with the Africans in Nigeria, South Africa and the rest of Africa in particular NEED the so uplifting TRUTHS of an African centred History Curriculum, and would you be prepared to enlist and encourage your family, friends and associates to do whatever they can to project and promote this agenda?

As both our individual and collective worldview is created by the historical facts/perspective that we are taught, isn’t our own truthfully updated African History curriculum at the core of resurrecting both the individual and collective self esteem necessary to kick start the African Renaissance in the 21st century, by providing our people in general, our youth specifically with a strong foundation with regard to our capabilities in every area of human activity, TODAY?

When WE don't educate/rationally program ANY/ALL of our people to consciously acknowledge our African ethnicity [as opposed to alleged Blackness/how BLACK is Halle or Barack] as a blessing as opposed to a curse; aren't we extremely unlikely to even begin to fulfil our main responsibility; to deduce and construct the socio-economic vehicles that will initially adequately secure our communities and countries, creating the possibility of us eventually collectively advancing and competing with the rest of Humanity in the 21st century?

SHOULDN'T ALL OF OUR SCHOOLS in general, especially the traditionally Black Schools in the UK, USA the rest of the Diaspora and Africa in particular be teaching our own truthfully updated History Curriculum highlighting our so diverse but efficiently marginalized or totally ignored contributions to Civilization in every area of human activity over the last 5000 years; thus reprogramming the minds of the people of African ethnicity with our TRUE history [as unearthed by our own historians] as a truly superlative therapy for the residual trauma of the ongoing AFRICAN HOLOCAUST, for which both an apology and reparations are STILL missing TODAY, aren't THEY?

The Destruction of African Civilisation (Chancellor Williams), and Blacks in Science (Ancient & Modern), They Came before Columbus The African Presence in Ancient America (edited by Dr Ivan van Sertima), Nile Vallely Contributions to Civilisation and the Browder Files I & II (Anthony T Browder) are all interesting and uplifting books that will fully update your knowledge of African history, along with being the ready-made textbooks of our updated African History Curriculum.

Our spiritual/intellectual heavyweights can attempt Dr Frances Cress Welsing’s book The Isis Papers-The Key to the Colours, which is an in depth analysis of Racism and White Supremacy and all the relevant Symbols that pervades every aspect of our lives. She literally puts forward a program at the end of the book as to how to limit the damage done to us collectively as we attempt to survive in this blatantly hostile White Supremacist Racist environment.

Yurugu [An African Centred Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behaviour] by Marimba Ani is the ultimate rigorous Spiritual and Intellectual workout, which literally leaves no stone unturned in its microscopic examination/dissection of white Europeans/Caucasians and their psyche’s ongoing malevolence [towards the rest of the human family in general, the peoples of African ethnicity specifically]; due to the fundamentally warped Platonic concept of “Objectivity” blended with Plato’s higher mind/limbic brain spiritually/intellectually alienated drivel through which THEY consciously discern themselves to be the head/brains of Humanity, relegating the rest of the human family into “OBJECTS” to be controlled/culled as they see fit, as opposed to being entitled to the same rights and privileges to enjoy their lives and prosper, as Europeans/Causcasians/Whites.

Yurugu-as defined by the Dogon of Mali = a being born prematurely without his female twin-soul. Realizing that he was flawed and therefore deficient, forever incomplete, who was and is doomed to perpetually search for completeness that could never be his.

How do the Dogon know so much about just how fundamentally twisted/unwell the LUCIFERIAN LUNATICS/POWER ELITE/status quo [and their lackeys of many hues] are, or can you think of another reason why they are currently so determined to turn this planet into a very real hell in the 21st century?

Marimba Ani’s Yurugu would serve as a ready-made textbook for Advanced Level African Studies right up to Doctorate level, as this extremely challenging read is that comprehensive and relevant with regard to rationally evaluating/knowing exactly how our enemies are going to behave as standard in this very hostile, extremely challenging environment.

Would you ALL agree that there is a mountain of useful information that we peoples of African ethnicity in general, our would be leaders and leaders specifically need to ingest and digest if we’re going to even begin to deduce how to constructively develop ourselves and our communities in order to kick start the African Renaissance in the 21st century?

Even more bizarre is our ongoing acceptance as people of African ethnicity of the current status quo or are you all truly unaware of the fact that ALL over the World including Africa, Europeans still LEGALLY own allegedly; all the land and resources they acquired during the looting, pillaging, RAPE of this planet in general, of OUR continent [Africa] in particular that Colonialism and Apartheid sanctioned as the norm [in fact aren’t THEY making the same play again with their WAR ON TERROR] as opposed to the longest list of unacknowledged unpunished Human Rights violations/CRIMES in human history?

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?


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Jan 14, 2005
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"crwn, post: 810866, member: 27082" Fidel Castro probably has done more for the continent of Africa than Europe and America combined. Are YOU one of the select few who is aware of the manner in which Fidel Castro succeeded in getting 55 000 Cuban volunteers [funded by Gaddafi/Libya] armed with the USSR’s tanks and aircraft [without Gorbachev/USSR’s support or sanction or he would have sold the Angolans out to the West in a similar manner to the way he knifed Menghistu’s Marxist regime in Ethiopia] to initially stop the UNITA/South African Defence Force army’s advance on Luanda in 1987, and subsequently encircling them in T’Chipa in 1988, forcing the Afrikaner NAZI NUTCASES to either negotiate/dismantle formal Apartheid, or face a huge bloodbath [that the more astute than most white South African youth refused to be conscripted into]?

Isn’t it just as emasculating to admit that I truly cannot name a single African leader that has done as much for Africa in the last 500 years as Muamar Gaddafi [which is exactly why the West put so much effort in executing him and his regime in one], an Arab [bearing in mind that Arabs/Semites have been attacking Africans as standard for 3000 years longer than Europe’s ongoing 2000 year long onslaught started by Alexander the Macedonian Peasant]?

You seem to forget that your current president was not chosen by you, though you voted for him in ridiculous numbers.

Your president is a corporate president and so will all the others that will follow, unless we decide to change the system. Changing the system is unlikely to happen though since most of the country is on some form of medication, whether self medication or prescription it's all the same. The ongoing effort by the POWER ELITE to reduce Humanity in general, the lower echelons specifically into BRAIN DEAD AUTOMATONS with less spiritual/intellectual agility/rational processing power with regard to factual information of an amoeba or brick, is going very very well isn’t it, even the political elite are in the main either completely CLUELESS, or maybe just hoping that we’re all so STUPID as to not KNOW when they are lying to us?

You see the war against drugs was always a war for drugs. Nearly everything you are told the opposite is true. Exactly, but then again haven’t European cultures ALWAYS had a RHETORICAL ETHICS base as underlined by the Native Americans observation hundreds of years ago of the White Man speaking with a “forked tongue”?

Beware of all those black peeps that are embraced so eagerly by the other side, you may be easily led astray. Marcus Garvey gave you some pointers long ago yet many are trampling their own to be accepted by them.

I can also predict that if another Marcus Garvey type were to come along again, they would find some other ------ (you fill in the blanks) to bring him down.... first they would find a black scholar to demonize him, then Judas to stab him in the back for some money and a promotion.

See that would be easy, they're thousands of them out there. Exactly, however aren’t the hustlers and traitors masquerading as leaders in our organizations etc that we have in our communities in the UK, USA, the rest of the Diaspora and Africa’s diverse array of inadequacies connected with our ongoing failure to take full responsibility for intelligently programming our people with our TRUE history as opposed to continuing to allow them to be poisoned by Eurocentric GARBAGE/LIES?

Isn’t it a fact that because of the truly superlative works of our scholars going back as far as J A Rogers through to Che Ante Diop, Dr Henrik Clark, Dr Ivan van Sertima and even the still living Anthony T Browder; WE CAN ALL do a lot more to project and promote our TRUE HISTORY, utilize an African centred history curriculum with regard to every area of human activity to our communities in the USA, UK, the rest of the Diaspora and our countries in Africa?

Wouldn't you agree that the TRUTH is that we peoples of African ethnicity in the UK, USA, the rest of the Diaspora and Africa are all frontline soldiers in a War that has NEVER EVER been openly declared then or now by these so despicably cowardly Semitic/White PARASITES, just very very efficiently waged/they JUST DO IT?

Nubia/Khemet/Egypt’s Nubian Pharaohs battled and resisted the Semitic hordes for millennia but from the moment Alexander the Macedonian peasant overran Khemet we've been losing this so maliciously EVIL but still undeclared WAR on Africa/Africans, with the situation becoming a rout when Augustus [Julius Caesar's nephew, heir and history's most consistently destructive cultural VANDAL] deliberately destroyed Khemet's most spectacular Pyramid at Abu Rawash, which you've never heard of, have YOU?

This so deliberate piece of cultural vandalism was done to DELETE DJEDEFRAH from history as this African Pharaoh is now acknowledged as the builder of the Sphinx which honours his father Khufu [who built the Great Pyramid at Giza]; and as exemplified by the murderous carnage in Darfur and the Congo TODAY and the inane stupidity of the way those CLOWNS Goodluck, Zuma and co allowed Africa’s greatest ever Arab benefactor [Muamar Gaddafi] and his regime to be slaughtered by NATO in 2011, we're still in BIG trouble/losing this WAR, aren't WE?

Wouldn’t a lot of these so divisive issues either resolve themselves or be generally acknowledged as irrelevant if we took full responsibility for educating/intelligently programming our peope with our TRUE HISTORY/an African centered curriculum as opposed to allowing them to carry on being stunted/poisoned by Euro-centric GARBAGE?

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?


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Jan 14, 2005
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NNQueen, post: 174996, member: 36" have often heard Black people described as behaving like "crabs in a barrell." I've even used that term from time-to-time to describe how we oftentimes don't support each other or feel good for those who achieve certain goals in life.

Many times, I hear people say that Black people are extremely jealous of each other, particularly, if one of us has more than another. Sometimes slavery is given as a reason why this is, comparing house slaves with field slaves and how they were treated. Is this true about us?

Have you ever felt or know someone Black that disliked it or even got upset and gossiped about someone they knew who had more 'good' fortune than they did? Have you ever been jealous if someone you knew got a promotion, bought a house or new car, paid off a bill or even lost weight?

What about when some Black people get suspicious and become cynical of us who charge a fee for our services as though there is something wrong for Black people to sell their ideas or services?

Do you know Black people like that? "Look at him, why is he charging us for this cheap thing when he should be giving it away free?" Have you ever thought like that then gone and bought the exact same thing from the Korean or white man's store next door?

Have you ever thought of Black people as 'selling out' or being less conscious, if they are entrepreneurs and create a service for us, about us, but may solicit financial support from other Blacks to continue to offer their services?

Why is it okay for whites to make money (and I didn't say get rich) but not Blacks?

Many of us even question ministers who pass the collection plate more than once or beg every Sunday for their congregation to tithe when they are often living well, and in some instances, far better than the members of his/her church. Should Black ministers be more humble in their lifestyle because of their 'calling'? Maybe, maybe not, should we sanction these overly sanctimonious and sometimes out and out hypocritical truly despicable PARASITES bleeding our community while utilizing the Creator as a shield?

I've heard some Black business owners say that Black people expect to be given things for free or as cheap as we can get them from our own people. Could this be true and if so, then where are Blacks spending all of their collective wealth?

When you own something and invite others to enjoy it, but you set standards for how it should be used, are you wrong for doing that? Do you lose your right to dictate how you want your 'gift' to be used when you let others enjoy it? If you don't like the 'rules', is it better to simply not accept the gift and move on, or to try to destroy the gift so that others can't use it either?

Which is all very interesting, but what do you KNOW of the GAP community of Tulsa circa 1920, Rosewood, the manner in which Dr Malakai York has been imprisoned so as to leave the Nuwabians headless, who was ever convicted of murdering Malcolm X, Dr Martin Luther King, Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur?

Can you see a pattern here?

The rationale that non whites in general, we peoples of African ethnicity specifically, are under threat (FEAR) permeates every aspect of our daily lives, isn’t the grief integral with surviving in this so hostile environment the real source of the rifts between men and women/Africans in Africa and Africans in the Diaspora which includes the USA and all the diverse array of Socio-economic dysfunction still crippling our communities and countries in the 21st century?

Isn’t the difficult behaviour within our communities symptomatic of the residual trauma of the catastrophic defeat we have collectively received over the last 500 years in our ongoing war (during which our enslaved ancestors and their tortured, mutilated and murdered siblings were systematically CRUSHED) with Semites, and White Supremacist Racist Caucasians [that has left all of us UNWELL, isn’t the only variable just how severely crippled we are and how the damage manifests], which has never ever been openly declared has it, THEY JUST DO IT?

Do you know why military combatants are always debriefed after combat operations generally, wars specifically?

Without debriefing it would be virtually impossible for the combatants to regain their psychic balance particularly after bloody combat/a prolonged traumatic experiences and shocks. Don’t they also subsequently receive whatever psychotherapy is required to make them whole?

Contrast that with the non-existent psychotherapy we (in the UK, USA, the rest of the Diaspora and Africa) have received (in conjunction with the fact that they have never acknowledged the wrong, or said sorry) after surviving the sadistically Genocidal HOLAUCAST perpetrated by Europeans (against non Caucasians in general Africans in particular) on us over the last 500 years; whereas isn’t the current WAR ON TERROR an attempt to finish us off [enslave ALL of Humanity including their own lower echelons this time]?

Isn’t one of our major problems a very strategically maintained (by the LUCIFERIAN LUNATICS/POWER ELITE currently dominating and decimating the planet and their lackeys of many hues) lack of accurate information, coupled with a total lack of vision and strategic planning from our (very easily spiritually/intellectually challenged Boulé dominated, and either unaware or interested in the WAR we're in) totally dysfunctional socio-economic elite?

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed;
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?

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