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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaahu The Sustainer / Lord of The Universe The Peace on who follows The Guidance.
One of the layers of sheer power that a muslim inherits and rightfully assumes is his/her disdain for stupid **** in the world. A muslim soon realizes the words of the Prophet Mustafaa Muhammad Ahmad ibn Abd'Allaahi (570-632 After Departure of The Messiah Jesus from this world)
" let one who follows me know that he will be lonely in this world ". Al Masiyha Iysaa , Jesus, said the exact same thing.
The Remembrance of Allaah is all important. The way of life that is marked by the acknowledgement of The Presence of Allaah in all things is the root of "dhikr Allaahi", The Force. Al Waasi'u. Al Qaabidu.

One day a companion of The Prophet said to him, " Messenger of Allaah, if all human beings will be naked on The Day of Judgement how will Allaah distinguish The Faithful (muw'minuwn) from The Concealors (Kaafiruwn)?
STOP Read Qur'aan . RE-mind your MIND of the absolute authority of Allaahu Ta'aala, Maaliki Yauwmid-Diyn. Go Now!! Iqraa Kitaabaka i.e. Read Your Scripture!!

The Prophet Muhammad smiled and said , " Allaahu will know The Faithful (Muw'minuwn) by the traces of their Wudu... the way you know your spotted horses from the colored ones"

Notice the hadiyth that describe the Wudu performed by The Prophet. They mention that he was always very damp or even wet. People said that his beard would be heavy with water. And I have never read a hadiyth which said that he dried himself after he performed wudu.
consider The wudu, it is applying water moreso than washing oneself. cleanliness either way. but the fact that the limbs are wet with water, the extremities of the body , the head included and especially THE BACK OF THE NECK...This makes the body an electronic conduit, The vibrational pattern within the voice, echoing outward into the atmosphere and collected by ears but also the body that is reciting The Qur'aan is now a sound portal. The functions of the body, its systems and operations are being aligned to The Frequency of the Qur'aan as it moves as vibration in the blood stream, as light within the nervous system.
The reason a muslim removes their shoes and performs Salaat barefoot is because Allaahu has placed an electromagnetic grid upon The planet earth which runs all throughout it and the waters/seas. See it 13:4. Yet again, the translators were either dumb or decietful, either way our intelligence suffers for it, we must abandon translations : the verse reads that Allaahu has placed "neighboring tracts" . Now watch this. The word they get 'neighboring ' from is " Qaatiuwn", which literally means " cut out, carved out power cables - power lines of current/electricity". They chose to write tracts, The word for 'neighboring' they get from the arabiyyah word " Mutajaawira , which means 'to intersect'. consider their difference. neighboring tracts is a paraphrase of the literal meaning. The literal meaning says that Allaah has laid power grids in the earth of electrical current, power current, This grid is the formation of the Arsh as it moves through earth its atmosphere and skies up into the heavens. Qur'aan does not say that the bees build their cells in hives... it says it builds its cells in The Arsh. The Arsh is the electromagnetic field of Light upon which Allaah has created the heavens and the earth...Raised the arsh and thereby creating the wonders of vision: distance, curvature, perimeter etc...This is how Allaah created space and its perception. visit 13:1-4. The translators translate this so wrecklessly. That write, " and HE established himself on the throne "
Allaah 'established himself on a throne?
they fail to understand the diphthong "Istawaa" which comes from its root diphthong " IST". The word " Israa" the name of the 17th chapter of Qur'aan is the pure semantic root of this word. Literally it means to tow..the way you tow your buttocks around, the way your buttucks sticks out from your spine and your upper back legs - tow. It means to lift...the way a tow truck lifts and drags a car..
Lifting but not detached..Raised up without being severed from. Allaahu Took HIS slave./...from Here to There. without detaching him from the earth. Herein is The goal of Salaat. to establish such connection That Allaah would guide and confirm for us in the way that Allaahu would giude and confirm for us.
A muslim was perform Wudu with a sense of intended connection through the knowledge of the recited words of Allaah, recited from the sincerity and the intensity of intention. Intention is a word which sequesters the flow of Time. It comes from the word in past, present and future. The perfect present tense is 'intense'...its electrical power within the mind makes this word into INTENT...the presence of the present. The present being what is in your mind and heart to commit to . sniffing water through the nose? pure intent baby, pure intent. May Allaahu drown us in The Light.
The Prophet Muhammad stayed in salaat but also salaatul tahajjud. mentioned in chapter 17 of The Holy Qur'aan.
Sniffing the water through the nose will cause you to feel a burning sensation running from your nose chamber to what feels like your ear...on the left side. that neural tube connecting the nose chamber to the ear also ignites the pituitary gland. If you dont know anything about this gland, just visit an anatomy book, just for kicks...then read qur'aan 24:35. If you can do it in arabiyyah, cool, then i know you feel me, Inshaa'Allaahu, but if not read it in english and truly lay your mind into its meaning and its implications. The Most High will teach Qur'aan. And Qur'aan is The Best Explanation (Bayyinaah) for the creations of Allaah. from the human body, the earth, the heavens...Even Temperature, the distinction between an ocean and a sea...the difference between land and earth, sky and heaven, Reality and falsehood...the intentions and actions of The Kaafir....Faith and so on.
That neural tube converts the water you sniffed during wudu, into light which passes throughout THE ACCESSORY NERVE. This nerve is actually a cranial nerve, the 11th of 12, from the top of ones' dome, just beneath the skull this nerve descends into the cavern of brain matter...routes into the nose chamber then all throughout its pathway connecting to organs of the brain, important organs, Pineal, pituitary, the cortexes the ears...but watch this. this nerve also penetrates and exits the skull at its base before re-entering the skull to connect to the medulla oblongata, or hind brain a very important organ to know about. The Accessory nerve connects into the spine , respiratory system, the heart proper and the enteric system. another word for the digestive tract. This nerve is amazing.
It is engaged purposely for The recitation of The Holy Qur'aan. Wonder why? i know I do.
But the Wudu..water all over the limbs, standing on the earth like a satelite antennae calling the Adhaan. Electromagnetic light in the atmosphere, the same running beneath the ground...THE SAME IN THE HEART OF THE MUSLIM.. THE SAME IN THE RECITATION OF THE MUSLIM...THE SAME IN THE BLOOD OF THE MUSLIM..THE SAME IN THE NERVES AND BLOOD AND MUSCLES AND BONES AND GLANDS...Have you ever read the Du'a that The Prophet Muhammad is recorded to have said? The Du'a of Light? Go find it and read it. It is amazing. It is fullfilling. It is worth finding and reading and understanding.. I seek refuge in Allaah from Shaytaan The Cursed. from falsehood or mistakes. any readers that correct or critique i appreciate. May allaahu increase us in Faith. As Salaamu Alaykum.


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Mar 30, 2016
The Ayaatul I wanted you to go and read , that I forgot to cite is: 64:2..I wanted to confirm it before I typed it and forgot to enter it. Pardon me ..
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