Black People : Bush Supporters Outrage by Song Lyrics Regarding Hurricane Katrina Wants It Banned


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Nov 26, 2005
November 26, 2005 Lyricist /Artist Pearl Burrell out of Los Angeles California slammed President Bush and FEMA in a song Burrell wrote regarding Hurricane Katrina titled " Somebody Help Me". Burrell says she wrote the song to remind people of what the victims of Katrina endured. Angry Bush supporters are outraged at the song lyrics saying that the song disrespects the President of the United States and that it should be banned and unheard. The song showcase lyrics such as "while you watched from the white house as I fell down to my knees" Calling me not an American but refugee.

Bush supporters defended the president saying that the majority of the responsibility lies on the failure of the city officials. Pointing fingers at Nagin while non Bush supporters says the song made great points regarding the Katrina Disaster and may affect the president's ratings. Outraged supporters angrily say that no one should talk to the President in this manner that Burrell has displayed in her song. While some made threats of writing a song to respond to Burrells song regarding the Disaster.
Some comments were made stating that the "African American Population in New Orleans were welfare recipients always depending on the goverment to bail them out. The song has turned political and racial with various racial comments referring to Burrell as " Brownie" and showing a complete dislike for the style of music the song was set to.

Supporters have mention contacting the ACLU while non supporters bashed back saying that a white person can and should be able to respond to Burrell's song without fear of the ACLU or the NAACP. The song has touched down in over 30 cities in the United States and 4 International countries. Burrell could not be reached for comment.

Presently the song is available to be heard for free on ISOUND .

I agree with you. The sistah is ingenioulsy innovative. The song talks about events happennning today yet they speak of ban. We all know who wants it ban,because they cant relate. I see no disrespect in the song. Just self expression and the truth.
I ahave read on so many websites about what so many white folks were saying about the song and the situation in New orleans and the gulf area. Their comments were not pleasant. If i can go back and find the sites again I will paste the comments.

Below are some of the comments I have read on white political sites.


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Even though Bush is a liberal idiot who can't stop acting like a Democrat, what happened in New Orleans was not his fault, in any way, shape, or form.

These are adults who couldn't take care of themselves. WTF are we supposed to do? Work miracles? I say let them figure it out for themselves. If they're stupid to the point where they have no instinct for self-preservation, let them die, so they can't raise offspring who will act the same way.

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Posted: Wed. Nov. 23, 2005 11:40 pm Post subject:

People shouldn't try and make an *** out of Bush. He does a fine job himself.

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Posted Wed. Nov. 23. 2005 11:48pm Post Subject

Its not Bush fault . Blacks should be thankful for Bush. Making records to belittle him is not the answer. What was he suppose to do ? Take everyone out single handed ? Those people always want attention. I wouldn't buy that CD to support the "Brownie" to save my own life. It wont get very far. No ones going to buy it. Well, perhaps the people who are just like her . I say ban the ****!!!

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Posted Wed. Nov. 24. 2005 10:54pm Post Subject

They should have drowned and so should that song. It sucks !!!!
I hate rap !!!!! Perhaps the song should have spoken of all the
welfare the government has provided for the ones doing the complaining.
They dont talk about that. What about all the things in their favor as minorities.
Bush didnt tell those people to stay there. If fact if you knew a terrible storm was coming it is smart that you move away from it. Why does everyone else have to take blame for idiotic mistakes ? If it was up to me I would ban the song. The president is not suppose to be disrespected in so much as blamed. How could they even let a song like that get out? Ban the song and ban rap while your at it.


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Oct 21, 2005
Black Folk is too sensitive, geez, we should know they don't give a heckle-jeckle about us................qqqqqqqqqqquuuuuuuiiiiiiiiittttttttt whinin', brush yo shoulders off&keep ya game^:pc:


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Oct 21, 2005
Welcome KevJames, good observation, look foward to hearin from you in the future:thanks:


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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
kevjames said:
I ahave read on so many websites about what so many white folks were saying about the song and the situation in New orleans and the gulf area. Their comments were not pleasant. If i can go back and find the sites again I will paste the comments.

It isn't necessary to repost what white folks are saying on here, we already know what white people say and think. However I would like to thank you for making the family aware of "Someone Help Me" by Pearl Burrell. We'll check out the song, and other works by her in the future.


Nov 6, 2005
White people talk trash about blacks = free speech

Blacks telling the TRUTH about racism = call for bans, etc.

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