Omowale Jabali : BUILDING UNITY


Jan 15, 2008
Definng unity,has nothing to do with rugt or wrong

omowalejabali said:

HOW can we change it around to reflect the 7 principles? Step by Step. I know that Jim Brown developed Amer-I-Can project and has been marginally successful in turning around former Blood leaders, particularly one of the BPS founders Darryl "Tee" Rogers. Same with a group in los angeles known as Unity One.

Again,coming from the City of Bloods & CRIPS I am asking for practical solutions and ideas so that I can pass them along.

I am also more concerned not with discussion of plans but programmatic implementation. And I speak from the perspective of a long-time community and student activist who created a community service program 27 years ago which is still operational and working in a housing project in Compton, in an area of high blood/crip gang infracticide.
Since some group in Compton does not know how to reach our youth in Compton
, the way the Oligarchy is able to reach the minds of our youth ALl OVER THE WORLD then that means,
there is no a reason for our concern?????
that our youth are unified for nihilism and that is not reason for concern??????

You know when Dr. King entered th SCLC there were a lot of GATEKEEPERS
old school tenured preachers,
who told him,
not now!!!!!!!!!,
slow down!!!!!!!
, told the masess that Dr. King was dangerous, and misrepresented hs message and purposefully took his word and spechs out of context to fool the flock Malcom met the same response,
from the tenured ministers inte Ntin when they saw he was able to turn around more crime oriented folks the thy were, after they had been there a long time.


Jan 15, 2008
I don't have a lot of links to provide

Nor do I see our liberation as MY EXCLUSIVE PET PROJECT, for my little hometown.
The posts I make are for the betterment of all Africans, and I question the purpose of taking
my statements out of context and insulting the intelligence of the viewers.


Jan 15, 2008

Natinr said:
the Bloods are in all 50 states! even some Native American reservations, in London Paris and Accra Ghana.
Pants with buttocks out, are a style, along with skull and bones, from Boston to Sedona, from Little Rock to Seatle.
The Unity is there!!!!!!!!!
Can we change it around to reflect the 7 principles?
Will it be easy?
What is the step by step process,
and do we care enough to discuss a plan?
we have no problem with unity,
we are just not NATIONALLY unified for our colective survival!!!!!!!!

El Hajj Malik Shabazz is more then a pictue of a man on his knees to me!

He is a guiding LIGHT,
to all of our misguided youth,
that if he could change;
then with all of our books,
with all of our scholars,
with all of our technology,
and with all of our effort,
and heart, we can ge them to change too!
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