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Mar 18, 2006
I'm putting together my blocks
i'm putting away desez glocks
ima turn back my clock
till the right hand is on seven
becuz ima start buildinf a stairway to heaven!

and me going to hell
jus aint wat i went to church to spell
so ima rebell against my evil trails
cuz dis sistah aint in life to fail
i'm in life to win ova my bloody sins
and i aint gonna let my evil ways cum bak like twins
so ima spin dat arrow untill its pointing to the heavens above

cus that is whurr im now headed jus like a dove i will spread wings
and derrs been too many tears sheded to regret it
so herr i am buliding steps by step
with Gods help
i will make it all the way
no human being can persuad me no otha way
not even satan can make me stay wit his trickz
cuz im too smart now to get caught up in the mix
cuz now my soul is fix!

so nomore lies cuz i have replies
cuz now i kno whurr dere is a will dere is a way to heaven
and i am buildin dat way
so my bratha and sistahs if u want to join my stair way
jus cum wit forgiveness,nothing less
i kno God wud be impress

and i know it is cuz of God who allows dis
heart to beat against my chest
so untill my heart beats stops, i
will not stop building my stairway to heaven
and jus kno dat no steps will fall
jus kno all my stair steps are steady
jus walk up when u are ready

part 2 is on da

copywrite (c)


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
building brick by brick , step by step
what's above and beyond let him lead u on
awaiting pt.2 this was awesome sis...........


Well-Known Member
Mar 18, 2006
lol....o u real funni
but i kno cuz i hear ya
and it wont take long 4 me to finish it doh..well i hope

blackluv and bp

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