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Mar 24, 2005
Virginia Beach,Va
Local Insurance Agent
Keeper of All Knowledge in the stars...

I beckon you to explain the whys of my actions..
Born: August 31,1984... 10:38pm...
Newport news Virginia.....

Im supposed to be neat im messy..
Im supposed to be surrounded by poeple.. but I find myself alone more than


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Feb 3, 2001
New York

I have re-created the Heavens for the exact moment of your birth, and your nativity shows that you were born with the Sun in Virgo, the Moon in Scorpio, and your time of birth gives you Taurus rising. In other words, you are a Virgo with a Scorpio personality who sees the world through the eyes of a Taurus.

The mutable (i.e., "changeable") earth sign Virgo expresses the fulfillment of the creative design, and the mysteries of maternity are concealed in its symbol, The Virgin (meaning pure and unadulterated). The Virgin symbolizes chastity and forms the central idea of a great number of myths. When the Sun passes through this sign in late August/September the harvest is ready for the reaper, thus Virgo is symbolized as the gleaning young maiden with sheaves of grain in her hands. The sheaves of grain represent the wisdom that is harvested in the fields of experience.

Virgo is also an intellectual earth sign, thus the hub of your universe is work. Mercury, the planet of the mind, rules Virgo; you are forever seeking knowledge, for only knowledge can bring matter under the control of the mind. Through this seeking you learn that the mind is a good servant but a bad master, especially when it usurps the sovereignty of the spirit. It is Virgo who says: the body must serve the mind, and ultimately the mind must serve the spirit.

Your chief desire is to acquire knowledge and achieve mental refinement. You are serious, thoughtful, modest and hardworking. In fact, a lot of your time is spent in service to others, one way or another. Mentally, you are a detailer - practical and cautious - with a good reasonable mind and great foresight. Although you are inclined to worry too much about small details that escape most people, you are not easily discouraged. You are critical and discriminating by nature, and you seek to evaluate life by the analysis of fact and logic.

Although you have a mercurial disposition and may be quick to anger, you would rather negotiate your differences than face ruinous combat. Virgo, like Gemini (which Mercury also rules), is a sign of mental activity. You are good with the spoken word, and you are a good, logical reasoner. This gives you the ability to learn quickly, and you have a vast store of knowledge. However, because of your naturally reticent disposition, few people are aware of this.

Since Virgo also rules health, high on your list of interests are diet, nutrition and hygiene. You are active and interested in many things, but these interests often change. You are reserved, conscientious and precise; a lover of art, literature, and orderliness in everything. People born with the Sun in Virgo seldom show their true age; it is one of the signs of longevity (Capricorn being the other). You desire the material blessings of life but cannot easily acquire them. You must work to acquire them - performing a service of some kind.

The key phrase for Virgo is, “I analyze.”


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Feb 3, 2001
New York
The Moon was in the fixed water sign Scorpio at the time of your birth. The Moon is in its fall in Scorpio (meaning its influences are weakest in this sign) because Scorpio is opposite Taurus, the sign in which the Moon is exalted. Thus this is the least favorable position for the Moon, because the aggressive nature of Scorpio does not blend well with the calm, imaginative influences of the Moon.

Your emotions are extremely intense, and often based on willful desire. You are impatient, moody, and even given to brooding. You are easily hurt, and you can become jealous, extremely revengeful, and hold grudges. You often judge others too quickly, and you feel a need to dominate through subtle means. You will not tolerate opposition to (or interference with) your goals, but often you will sacrifice a great deal for kindness. You have executive ability and you are resourceful and enterprising.

Although abrupt and impulsive, you have self-confidence and the ability to attain success. You usually get what you want or whatever you go after; however, many times you might find that you have achieved a hollow victory.

Since you are so jealous, proud and possessive, this sign position of the Moon does not promise a harmonious intimate relationship, and a Scorpio Moon may indicate promiscuity, self-indulgence, and family problems.

The wish to dominate is often reflected in relationships with your children. This may be the result of your parent’s domination, or of your over-idealization of a parent, usually the mother. With this lunar position a mother can be overly possessive, and she may have trouble freeing her child – especially a male child.

You become emotionally intent on completing and enjoying any project you have adopted, and you can seem lacking in sympathy when so absorbed. Your personality is deep, and you have shrewd insight into other people. Very often you enjoy probing into the deep mysteries of life and the abysses of the unknown.

You regard the senses as instruments of pleasure rather than knowledge, responding intensely and passionately to life, especially the sensual, pleasurable aspects of its physical side. Your ability to observe is unlimited; your willpower is often latent, but when you use it, it is often for the betterment of humanity.

You must learn to handle your strong, deep feelings. Since your senses are so important, you should pay strict attention to them. An afflicted Moon in Scorpio can lead to sexual excess, inhibition, perversion or alcoholism.

Mars is the planetary ruler of Scorpio, and the key phrase for this sign is "I want."


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Feb 3, 2001
New York
The Ascendant (rising sign) in a horoscope (the Creator’s plan for your development) is utilized primordially as a third and very important factor that complements the psychological information given by the combined positions of the Sun and Moon. Figuratively speaking, it is the geometrical base that encloses the human triangle where its sides are represented by the individuality (the Sun) and the personality (the Moon).

The fixed earth sign Taurus was ascending on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and within its rulership there is determination, common sense, possessiveness, and a tendency to seek material wealth. The fixed quality of this earth sign gives you a high degree of consistency, and the tendency to pursue a single goal throughout your lifetime. This also refers to a pattern of events in your life that have few dramatic turns or unpredictable situations.

Your mind prefers to work with well-defined concepts that stand for very real and precisely delineated things. Although in certain conditions you may be endowed with poetic or other creative talents, you more often appear as a solid, secure, even slow person, fond of moving along tangible lines and disliking abstract speculation. In general, your disposition is amiable, exhibiting much patience in dealing with others. Your calm nature and power of comprehension is only significantly altered when your physical possessions are threatened. At times you’re intuitively able to distinguish that which is artistic and beautiful in form and color, but your taste always conforms to the conventional.

You’re a sensual person who likes to indulge in healthful – but always pleasurable – activities. There’s a pronounced desire for the comforts of ease and luxury. In spite of this, however, you have a tremendous capacity for exercising both willpower and physical strength. It’s possible that you may be successful in the arts, especially music and voice. You’ll secure social acceptance and enjoy success with the opposite sex. You’re loyal and steadfast in your affections; your attitude toward life is pragmatic, yet underlined by a romantic spirit. You’re highly imaginative, but you direct this talent to credible and tangible concepts. You’re fond of good food and good living, and you persistently seek to acquire wealth and poverty. It’s very possible that you’ll succeed in these efforts.

A major difficulty you encounter in life is due to your inflexibility. Once you have made up your mind, you’re closed to all other suggestions or opinions. In addition, you lack the perception to understand that obstacles may be overcome by calm diplomacy and careful strategy, rather than by brute force. At times your obstinate nature will cause you to be subservient and dependent on others...

Venus, your life ruler, is the planetary ruler of Taurus, and the key phrase for this sign is "I have."


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Feb 3, 2001
New York
Here are the planetary delineations:

August 31, 1984
10:38 PM (EDT)
Newport News, VA

Your natal Sun is 8 degrees Virgo.

Extremely careful and cautious by nature, you value neatness and order above all else. You rigorously practice very high standards of living and conduct and you demand the same of everyone with whom you come into contact. At times, you are so supercritical that you are merely nit-picky. You are very good at practical skills and quite handy with tools of all kinds. You are also greatly concerned with hygiene, cleanliness and personal health problems. Very likely your health is much better than you think it is...don't worry so much! Extremely methodical and analytical, you are a perfectionist...this makes you the perfect person to carry out highly detailed, precise operations. But, at times, you pay so much attention to details that you lose sight of the larger issues.

Your natal Moon is 22 degrees Scorpio.
Your feelings are very intense, never superficial. You tend to be either very angry or very sad or completely and totally happy. Your moods are deep, extreme and not always completely understood by yourself or by those with whom you have to deal. Emotionally, you tend to prefer to live at the cutting edge of life, pushing your reactions to the ultimate extremes, even if the results are dangerous or upsetting. You are easily jealous and very require a great deal of emotional reassurance. A good detective, you are very curious about deep and mysterious things, especially human nature and motivations. Be careful not to be ruthless, tactless or too overly frank or you will meet with much resistance from others.

Your Ascendant (rising sign) is 19 degrees Taurus.
Calm and deliberate, you hate to move quickly or act hastily. Very practical, every effort must count or you can't be bothered. Patient, persistent and steady, but very can't be pushed or pressured into anything. You seem outwardly self-assured because you tend to repress your inner tension and turmoil. You exude an earthy warmth, friendliness and charm. You demand comfortable surroundings and appreciate the good life. Be careful of a tendency to be overly self-indulgent. At times, you are lazy and difficult to motivate. Overcoming inertia is a problem for you and, because you are not by nature a self-starter, it is often necessary for you to receive stimuli from others in order to get moving.

Mercury, your ruling planet, is 2 degrees Virgo.
Very thorough and efficient, you pay attention to the minor but important details of any project. You are a careful thinker who can learn complicated, intricate techniques. You are attracted to practical, useful skills and are probably good at working with your hands. You are very critical of yourself and others, sometimes too much so, and you get the reputation of being a nag or of being knit-picky. Your first reaction to any situation is to try to organize, classify and analyze everything!

Venus, your life ruler, is 29 degrees Virgo.
You express your love and affection through selfless service to people or causes. You have a tendency to underestimate yourself and doubt your self-worth. This is very demeaning and should be avoided...learn to love yourself as well as you do others. Your standards of perfection are very are attracted to relationships based on duty and responsibility. You are supercritical of yourself and others and, at times, prefer to be alone rather than deal with any imperfections in yourself or in those with whom you might relate.

Mars is 8 degrees Sagittarius.
Your every action is motivated by high moral standards and ideals. You will work very hard to improve the lot of the world at large, but you demand action about do not like to just sit around and talk about doing it in an abstract manner. You like to be where the real action is. You resist mightily any attempts to limit your freedom and you will assist anyone who feels put down and restricted. You are extremely restless by nature...physical exercise is very important to you if you would maintain your health.

Jupiter is 3 degrees Capricorn.
You tend to feel that the only results that are worthwhile are the results that are concrete and demonstrable. You distrust abstract solutions and appreciate measurable achievements. An excellent organizer and planner, you are optimistic as well as practical and realistic about what can and what cannot happen. Very responsible, you consider it a personal weakness to be wrong about anything. This makes you appropriately cautious. You are very efficient but you tend to be cool and detached.

Saturn is 11 degrees Scorpio.
You tend to release emotional energies only very reluctantly. This is partly due to your fear of what horrible calamity might occur should they be released...your emotions are terribly complicated and intense. Try not to repress these energies entirely, however, or you will succumb to negative and destructive forms of compulsive behavior. Give yourself the freedom to look awkward or silly once in a while. The relief you feel will be quite therapeutic and the embarrassment (whether it is real or imagined) will pass quickly.

Uranus is 9 degrees Sagittarius.
You and most of your peers have the tendency to think that all ideas, customs and traditions from the past are outmoded and irrelevant. You are attracted to radically new ideas, philosophies and religions that will, hopefully, cause sweeping changes throughout the world.

Neptune is 28 degrees Sagittarius.
You and your entire generation are heavily involved in investigating and idealizing foreign and exotic intellectual systems and religious philosophies. The most extreme ideals will be pursued with gusto. You will be at the forefront of humanitarian attempts to improve the lot of those who are in need of assistance. You will be comfortable with the concept of the "global village."

Pluto is 0 degrees Scorpio.
For your entire generation, this is a period of intense research and discovery in areas that were heretofore considered mysterious, remote or taboo. The root causes for many complex occurrences will be unearthed due to the intensity and thoroughness of the search.

The Moon's North Node is 1 degree Gemini.
You will consciously seek out many different contacts with others throughout your life. Many of these will be of very short duration, not necessarily because you're fickle, but just because you always seem to be more excited by the prospect of meeting someone new rather than prolonging your present relationships. At any rate, you will learn something new from almost everyone you come across...intellectual stimulation is what you crave from others. You will be well known to neighbors and relatives, partly due to your curiosity about what they're delight in keeping up-to-date about the latest news (and gossip)...:)

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