Black Poetry : Brittle in this world and like a little girl speak to barbies and be sweet at HARDEES right here in


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May 11, 2006
Brittle in this world
and like a little girl
speak to barbies
and be sweet at HARDEES
right here in VIRGINIA BEACH
tonight is clear for a Kenya Peach
on the edge and narrow
and like a hedge sparrow
from trees just sing a lot
and see boys wear bling that's hot
the gravity of the situations
is a cavity and legit information
there's creatures in our cultures
don't know the features of a structure
learned best
from the firm success
in my hair perm that's bless
with BLUE MAGIC hair grease
a true tragic in an affair for peace
so must stay to soar
breasts lay at the door
of success boys want more
go to the bar today
live far away
grab the Parkay
and butter verbs
then utter words
to escape these boys
at STARBUCK they're toys
try and rap up on some
keep a map not dumb
as a KOREAN GIRL get the run around
queen of the world boys want fun downtown
KOREAN GIRL go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH thing is hot
boys come with love talk won't stop
got mellow oriental eyes
boys want yellow sentimental pies
wanna take her to a downtown bar
and mess around in the car
gonna blow the horn
to escape her body adorn
like cornflakes from Battle Creek
and for boys that just rattle the street
even TONY THE TIGER say they great
these are true vapor particles
and like newspaper articles
they make the headlines
after some red wines
and gee it's bedtime
so at STARBUCK sip softly
bizarre luck grip cup of coffee
make decisions
cake in a boy's vision
expect a girl to deliver a load of pie
shiver ready to explode on this guy
and teach rap to a nation
with each application oh gosh
my KOREAN panties are wet
eat some chop chae and yet
there's a hot way just can't forget
oh my breasts is aroused
the only access to the house
is the front door
and there boys stunt galore
in love letters they write words
and used polite verbs
and tonight it's sex absurd
they tip their hat
and kiss my lips like that
no doubt talk sweet
as she walk about the street
had just about enough
her pie crust stuff
shook in starting
need to read a book about gardening
one boy wanna plant his cucumber
tried to get me in his hummer
and wanted my cell phone number
have to hide and be swift
or provide a boy with gift
can't let my dress be lift
my perfume breasts will be sniffed
a winner with fact
and have to interact
a certain way
that's why I'm flirting today
amazed on this location
how I'm engaged in negotiations
in order to reach
and be a daughter of VIRGINIA BEACH
this may seem like a dumb circus
but it serve some purpose
I flirt around but my skirt is down
could have bizarre luck
wanna leave too late to duck
this boy want cake and a cup
of chilling coffee
this is killing me softly
plus try be deft
like wyclef
HE SAID: look boo let me remedy your condition
not an enemy won't cause friction
no ballistic aggression
just an artistic expression
let me kiss it for the first lesson
oh KOREAN girls go through a lot
in VIRGINA BEACH a crew of thots
do exist
but these boys want a true kiss
I was so not gonna do this
he jest grab my waist kissed lips
he come for coffee and some chips
and now softly I have numb lips


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May 11, 2006
and now softly I have numb lips
but have to come to grips
got yellow pie today
we walking down the highway
so much renown stuff he try say
words got in my head deep
now see a red jeep
four wheel drive
adore it feel alive
this boy want sex appeal and jive
CHRIS PAUL and another dude
lying on the hood with attitude
amazed and proud
as they gazed at the clouds
stereo ablaze and loud
turn down for what
pie and love all around
as the clouds high above the ground
before sex pause in the room
and that can cause gloom
I'm a hot one
but not done
in postal opportunities
to send mail to coastal communities
brings a great calm
thanks to STATE FARM
boyfriend a kiss so sweet
now CHRIS PAUL speak
“what that cloud there look like
that look like all type of pipe leak
my body hype all in heat
stop being an insurance man
but it's my job to think and plan
well what that cloud look like?
Look like your crib
you just took some barbecue ribs
to the back, home burglarized
some thugs stealing the TV you surprised
hey wait a minute you need a vacation
some of us don't get off time
and go to the bar and toss wine
me and my boyfriend kissed I guess
like a good neighbor STATE FARM is there


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May 11, 2006
be desired and approved
HIP HOP required a smooth
a good quality of life
this policy is nice
got galore quotes
the more folks
the better
have to do the rhymes clever
can't have the nickel and dime endeavor
which is good
now I itch in the hood
become quicker and bold
for a particular role
got cats falling on their knees
and calling for these
rhymes and begging please
now this is BLACK HIP HOP
of knowledge that can't be stop
schools are good
and fools should
study books
Super bowl was big and boring
my soul is ignoring
the event its wild aggression
showing a mild expression
of hatred in matrix system
with the oracle and wisdom

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