Black People Politics : BREXIT - British Exit from European Union


going above and beyond
Feb 9, 2001
Should we keep an eye on what's happening in the EU? The UK withdrew from the EU yesterday. Will it have any implications for the U.S.? Britain and America has always had a close relationship. Will it become closer? My senses are heightened due to the timing the the UK withdrawing from the EU and our presidential election. I know AA have more important issues to focus on but do you think this may have an impact on America in some way--positive or negative? What do you think?



going above and beyond
Feb 9, 2001
2,064 this about immigration? This video mentions Donald Trump and his stand on immigration and people in the UK agree with him. This video is revealing.



going above and beyond
Jun 18, 2004
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Europe is coming apart. Scotland may leave the UK. fools want to go back to the old days.
that is not going to happen with current connectivity.
falling markets affect everyone.

the pound is trashed. let them feel the pain.


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May 27, 2016
I agree with jamesfrmphilly. I can't see this being a good thing for the UK at all. It is all to do with immigration, by voting out they think they might be able to curve the flow of people coming in. The likes of Farage want to go back to the days of having an almost all white nation. I don't see that happening.
Scotland who voted to Ramain in the EU now will push even harder to become independent, and Northern Ireland and Wales may very well follow.

Difficult times ahead for the UK, but maybe this is a lesson they need to learn.

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