Black Women : Breastfeeding in the black community


Feb 26, 2005
What are your attitudes towards breastfeeding? Have you or would you do it? And how long do you think it's appropriate to breastfeed a baby?


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Aug 24, 2002
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My wife breastfed/feeds both of our children. She breastfed our daughter for 1 1/2 years, and intends to breastfeed our son for almost as long. Being from an African/Spanish background, her attitude is that breastfeeding is natural. In both cultures not only is breastfeeding considered natural, it is openly done in public. Breastfeeding is undeniably better for babies, it helps them fight off disease better, and many doctors feel its affect last well into adulthood. For my daughter: while other friend's children her age were getting inner ear infections, colds, and other daughter didn't get sick until she was 1 year old. In addition to these benefits breastfeeding usually increases the size of a woman's breast...which for my is just icing on the cake! LOL!


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Jan 22, 2004
I think breastfeeding is the only option. It's better for the baby and like panafrica said, it keeps them healthier. If a woman has the time, she should definately breastfeed because that artificial formula is bad for them anyways. That's stuffs stunts their growth and studies have shown that breastfed babies also learn faster. Also, the bond that's created while breastfeeding helps the baby transition better from the womb to the world. It's much better that having a bottle between you two. All in all, there's just nothing better than natural.

I think breastfeeding should be encouraged more.:baby:


Jul 27, 2003
Cambridge, England
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Breastfeeding is the only way as far as l'm concerned. My daughter was breast and bottlefed and at 3 months she refused the breast. If I am blessed once more, l fully intend on breastfeeding, no bottle! Queen Afua and Llaila Afrika suggest that we should be breastfeeding up until 3 years old!


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Mar 24, 2005
Virginia Beach,Va
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Well how about a word from a younger generation,

I fully intend to attempt to breastfeed.. I dont have any qualms so far about doing it. But I will continue to pump my breast milk until my child is 2years old.. I may have to mix it with formula because im highly anemic and my iron levels are way below normal. But it is to my understanding that breastfeeding helps the child maintain a level of defense for the immune system of the child. Until it can develop its own antibodies.

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