Black People : Brawling over Nike Air Jordan shoes?


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Apr 21, 2007

Air Jordan shoppers mob stores, some pepper-sprayed

Brawls, kicked doors, long lines and arrests as coveted basketball sneakers go on sale

SEATTLEAcross the country, the long-awaited release of Nike retro Air Jordan basketball shoes on Friday resulted in fights, arrests, and the use pepper spray as police tried to calm frenzied shoppers, many of whom had waited outside stores overnight.

In Richmond, Calif., a man was arrested after he fired a gun while waiting in line,KTVU TV reported.
In Seattle, Tukwila police officer Mike Murphy said more than 1,000 people lined up to buy shoes at 4 a.m. at four stores in the Westfield Southcenter mall.
He said police used pepper spray on about 20 people who were fighting, while one man was arrested for assault after police say he pushed an officer.
"He did not get his shoes; he went to jail," Murphy said.
"It was not a nice, orderly group of shoppers," Murphy said. "There were a lot of hostile and disorderly people."
Murphy said they smelled marijuana and found alcohol containers at the scene.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
it's like a mad house cross the lands one kid was killed in DC ova these shoes
sad how we act as a people no matter how hard we try to reverse the curse
some devilish act get in the way knowing how we fall for crap ......
shoes or life which means more these shoes must do because lives being hurt
sad sad sad !!!!

NIKE ....................just do it !

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