Black Poetry : Boys give me a dumb stare because Somewhere in this love affair a love plug with hair is blocking the flow and it get shocking yo got an impressive


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May 11, 2006
Boys give her a dumb stare
because Somewhere
her lover awaits
to discover her cakes
she in high school
fly sexy and cool
like TLC try to rule
wanna be a modeler but no way
she carry a toddler around all day
her arms are sore
and boys come with charms galore
they never harms she jest ignore
must stay strong
when she away from home
never convinced
ever since
she fell in love
can tell one hug
can set her off
“ he wanna discover pie hid
so he can't cover his eyelid
he got to see
and it get shocking yo
got an impressive ride
which leads to excessive pride
leave sillies
just to achieve abilities
the hood I'm from
jest stood dumb
while the HIP HOP
play, boys wanna lip lock
everyday up around my way
she's queen in the club
and bring a stream of love
he toss verbs in my eardrum
he's at a loss for words so he hear none
he want her bagel to eat
right now her dress is down
her body is bless with brown
panties so she strutt butt
while boys yell hold up
boo, so she flow well
and like a hotel
have a high grade
of comfort that persuade
folks, she's a Black Soul Sista
with chocolate ways and blister
style like fashion boys kiss her
so she mini-skirting in the club
flirting with thugs panic at chances
but make romantic advances
LOOK BOO shown with microphones
and have blown domes
off stage, the flavor good
its all part of the neighborhood
Walmart this behavior should
be in the bedroom it stood
out, this is Black Hip Hop
in VIRGINIA BEACH his drop top
grazing in the grass
its amazing and fast
with dubs that spin
in clubs he win
the heart of chicks quick
“NAW PLAYER you want her bagel to eat
then try stable the street
he sit at the table and freak
shower at the beach
with the power of speech
have tower to reach
the tiptop
of Hip Hop
a Black Soul Sista go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH have an active
mind and attractive
online and her panties are hot
elastic panties always spring back
its drastic if his bling whack
try be peerless without equal
throw up rhymes no doubt legal
a confused set of rules
amuse keep her wet in school
her mind stretched
rhymes sometime sketch
dumb haters try etch
their name on his skills
have to take chill pills
Proceeding with force
took a speed reading course
it was a misleading school source
want his money back
this is funny and whack
when days sunny want a Cadilac
need cake and pleasures
in order to take measures
at clubs and get treasures
and Hip Hop now see a chick
and have to be quick
her lips are red today
rap to her and make headway
she's a Black Soul Sista
looking for a bold mister
oh he couldn't begin
to comprehend
her true goal
flow uncurls the day
and show girls the way
set love in motion
with wet club potions
HE SAID: look boo he have a dumb thirst
and water comes first
and rum makes it worse
satisfaction on the beach these days
like girl watching action reach a new stage
there all types in America
and like the character
that plays Ghost of Hamlet
he try post for real **** get
the picture?
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May 11, 2006
At feast no doubt
but it was peace out
after they ran out of beer
no way he gonna stand sincere
it do a thug right
going to get some pizza
and stare at the MONA LISA
painting, so boo you wanna
come along? Girl gonna
take it easy
your cake greasy
it'll be groovy in the bed
we can go to the movie instead
my plot is clear
its hot in here
and girl them black sweaty thighs
open really present some ready pies
get renown tall greetings
from town hall meeting
honestly try fact
but they got hi-jacked
wow I try act
like everything OK
and duck pea-brained jerks
they see pain but it don't hurt
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