Amun-Ra : Boob Bars and Mastubation

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Feb 15, 2001
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I got into an interesting argument with a woman yesterday and I thought I would bring it to the forum to see where every stands on the issues. Here in Dallas they want to put a six-foot limit on dancers at the local boob bars. I told her I thought the city had better things to than try to police morality. She asked me if I thought it was wrong for a married man to go to boob bar and I said no. She told me that she saw it as a form of cheating on the wife or girlfriend. Of course, I thought she was kidding, but she was serious. She went on to say that she thought when a man masturbates he is also cheating on his wife. I thought that was a stretch, but she insisted. My opinion is that grown men do what grown men do and going to a boob bar is not cheating and neither is masturbation. What do you think?

Post the "Why" in the response"



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Jan 19, 2004
I have to disagree this woman. I do believe that if a married man visits a “boob bar” on the regular he is lacking something from his wife and they should work this out. If this is just a once in a while thing with his boys in my opinion this is ok. As for the masturbation, that is a human function as is breathing.


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May 13, 2003
Bay Area, CA
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I dont think its CHEATING
I think that if a man feels that he HAS to go to a boob bar when he has me...than something aint right :lol: Its not cheating...physically... but it opens the door to that opportunity...and if it is a thought it could very well become an action.
As far as masturbation goes...according to Ziggy...I guess a sista has to let the brothas BREATHE :laugh:


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Mar 21, 2001
no it's not cheating but out of respect for this wife , mate
this do bring on intents and to masturbate why! when there
is a wife to sort ya royal oaks with but it also not cheating
when use of own hand the sistah have her priorities mixed up
when it come to this ....


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Jan 22, 2004
I think that if a guy goes to strip bars when he's's not cheating but like $$Rich$$
said, out of respect you shouldn't. I think that there is a problem as far as the marriage goes. Something's up. Whether the dude is just a freaky kind of guy, or maybe she's not doing her job at home. Either way, you talk about it first and foremost. As for masturbating......there's nothing wrong with taking matters in your own hands. Women do do it. Why torture yourself if there's no one around to fill your needs.
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