Cameroon : Boko Haram attack on Chinese firm in Cameroon; soldier reported killed


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Feb 19, 2001
The entire modern world depends on the mineral wealth of Africa. The Chinese are there for it, and every other Nation buys from the Chinese.. and so they represent all of us.. including you..and all the chinese manufactured stuff in your house.. your phone.. your car.. on your body..

Your point?



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Sep 12, 2009
...And so that is why boko haram attacked a chinese firm?
Is that what you are saying?
If your 'like" confirms this, then dude
you need to back away from the table,
and just walk away.


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Sep 17, 2012
This is Pravda....Russian news agency.;) They have their own agenda too.

The African Continent has wealth, their people are intelligent...why continue to let the western world control its wealth. I am tired hearing of who is taking the wealth of black folks. It is time black folks begin to fight for what is theirs. With all the wealth in Nigeria there is no proper energy policy. Hundreds die each year as folks try to siphon off gasolene from trucks. I repeat. The political directorate in Africa has no vision...blaming the west does not cut it. Politcians in Africa are looking out for themselves and friends.....It is time to stop the nepotism, greed and bribery that has so infested the African continent. It is time black folks begin to see that Africa belongs to them and stop playing games.
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