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Aug 22, 2008
Thanks for posting. I'm going to check out these videos. I don't know much about African countries. I guess these videos would be a start. I saw the youtube vid trailer for the AAs in South Africa. Looks like they are really LIVING IT UP! I would love to have a lifestyle like that, with nice houses, fast cars, and plenty of money. I hope I get to visit there one day and experience being a majority for once without my skin color being in question.


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Jun 24, 2007
mostly, i guess, for me, it's a "State of the Heart". if there were some way to get to the Ancient Elders that still may be alive, i'd love to document some of their wisdom. or any "undiscovered"/unspoiled civilizations that might still be hanging on around this poor beleaguered planet.

i just don't like much of anything that has come out of america, or has it in it's name/heart/style/actions. it's coming to mean to me too much of the root/cause of the planetary/ecological desecration that has just about everything on this planet in a really bad way. i'd only appreciate seeing "made in america" exported to the Marianas trench.

i've always wanted to get as far away from this place as possible, but "history" has shown that as soon as something somewhere turns out to be "better", Uncle Silly has to run in and mess it up.

just waiting for my pine box ... unless we get to some "skyscraper building". (a reference to an old thread/discussion.) pardon (or not) my pessimism.
anAfrican :love:

I've been trying to let this pass but it keeps popping into my head...

I don't understand.. it seems as if you are saying everywhere is messed up so why bother if you cant return to the ancients.. so just wait for death.. that doesn't come across as pessimistic, but rather a pointless way to live. :uhh:

You comment brought to mind The Last Poets who spoke about dying "just because" as opposed to dying "for a cause".



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Jun 24, 2007
Blacks Without Borders Expand Their Horizons

‘Blacks Without Borders’ has been making an impact on all those who watch it. The film focuses on the achievements of African-Americans in South Africa and shows that Africa is more than just a continent riddled with disease and war. caught up with Judy Bailey and Stafford Bailey to learn more about their journey to the movie.

Jamati: What was it that made you decide to do the movie?

Stafford: I was working on a film in Zimbabwe with Morgan Freeman and Danny Glover, and people kept telling us that there were many African-Americans in South Africa. I knew that the largest number of African-Americans was in Nigeria but was unaware of the ones in South Africa.

Jamati: That is interesting. What made the people in the fim move to South Africa?

Stafford: They saw the opportunity that was there. Some went on vacation and ended up staying and others went looking for opportunity. They got there and they realized that they could do a lot and made a commitment to do so. One guy didn’t believe what mainstream media was saying about Africa. Another sold everything and went to South Africa with his suitcase and not much else. He talked his way into going with a delegation and ended up staying. Another person started a venue that featured black comedians and is doing really well. Cora Vaughn was an attorney making about $1 million a year and had always planned to live in Africa. Although she had traveled extensively through Africa, she felt most at home in South Africa so she moved there and set up a Bed and Breakfast in an exclusive neighborhood. Overall, most of them went back to connect with their roots.

Two brothers set up a satellite company and now have 40% of the market share. They just set up a billion dollar deal with Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin company conglomerate. A filmaker went and she found that they wanted her to teach people how to make movies.

Most of the people who went there were already successful in the U.S. South Africa is a great training ground for college graduates–they allow you to do whatever you want to do so you get exposure to many different jobs.

Jamati: What would you say would be the recipe for success if you want to start a business in South Africa?

Stafford: Make sure that you have a GREAT business plan and that you have some money. The affirmative action program that they have is being enforced rigorously so you need to have a black South African as a partner if you want funding from the South African government. They are great about opening doors and giving you access to all the things that you will need as it helps you provide employment for South Africans.

Jamati: How have the South Africans reacted to the African-Americans?

The African-Americans have created jobs so they are welcomed. They also pay their domestics a better wage than the locals so that is always welcome. There was some xenophobia because some African-Americans had come making big promises and not delivering. Overall they feel that there are common threads between apartheid and slavery and there is a sense that our paths are very similar.on any other websie

Jamati: Are you working on any other projects now?

Stafford: One of our projects is called Black Road to Hollywood. We are looking at doing more documentaries to empower black people. Doing film that highlights and features black people around the world in a positive light. The Other Side of Victory looks at the behind-the-scenes of shows by Bernie Mac, Eddie Murphy, etc.

Judy: We are trying to change a mindset and to change the things that people think that African-Americans want to see. We want to make a breakthrough and get into mainstream media.

Stafford: Or just reach more black people. We talk about Africa having poverty and AIDS but there are poverty stricken places right here in the U.S. Charles Henderson (one of the subjects in the documentary) couldn’t find a jungle in the places that he visited in Africa so he created a little one in his backyard. Those are the stereotypes we are trying to change.


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Sep 19, 2007

You now you have to keep it up! MORE PLZ!.lol


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May 14, 2006
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I am a student, and all though it is hardwork, it

I found this to be quite interesting, very informative and very thought provoking....I was not aware that this was going on. Thanks for sharing, and for planting a small seed in me, from which my curiousity may grow....

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