Black Relationships : Blacks and Online Dating


Feb 26, 2005
What are your thoughts on online dating? Have you done it before? Would you do it at all if you've never tried it?

For those that lean more to the side opposing online dating, would meeting someone from a close-knit site like this one make any difference in your opinion?


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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
There have been a few thread about this topic. I am all for internet dating, and know quite a few successful couples that met through the webInternet dating does have some dangers: People lying about their appearance, "gender", occupation, etc. Although someone that you meet on the street can also lie to you. Internet relationships do have another disadvantage though, they are often long distance. As a result, they can take a lot of effort to make the relationship work.

I view meeting someone on the internet as no different than meeting someone at school, church, work, or a club. Ultimately for the relationship to progress people have to meet face to face, and develop a relationship on an personal level. In other words the internet can be a tool to meet new and interesting people. However email messages will not substitute with going to the movies, dinner, and dancing over time!


Dec 15, 2006
I'm all for it, but I would probably not resort to online dating unless/until I'm really serious (desperate) about finding someone. I think I would be a little embarrassed about explaining to other people that I met a person on the internet.....


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Oct 13, 2006
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Online dating does work. I know people in terrible relationships who met at the Club or Church, its the people who bring quality to the table. Online you do have the ability to read that person's mind first, before addressing the physical. Its true that the disadvantage is usually the distance. But that might be a good thing. Usually if a man or woman is seeking a mate online, its because the mates within their envoirnment aren't on their same wave length. Whatever works. After watching the trailer for the movie "SoulMate" at the link below- I'm thinking we have soooo many beautiful Single Sistahs on this planet, and whatever works to get them all in healthy relationships is what we need to concentrate on.


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May 25, 2005
I think online dating is kewl, as it's all mental which is truly an advantage. One really gets to know the mind-set of the person, which can and will truly expedite things (smile)...oooooowwwwweeeee.

Now, on the flip side of this ... the lying about the physical, and the finances are very interesting to say the least. Online people can be whoever they want to be, they NEVER have to come from behind the keys/screen if that's what they chose to do. So, I'd say to anyone who is interested... try it, give it some time, plan to meet and take it from there. If they want to stay behind the keys/screen and never meet.. then leave them right where you found them.
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