Blackpridenetwork & stolen content.


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Nov 2, 2009
theory to application to discussion to percussion
independent thoughtist thinker, context linker
a website called funnels the topics from to it's site. I found the site doing a google search for my
screen name.

I also found a couple of miscalculated links that lead to the RSS feed
at So that means it has a program to take the content
directly from the feed and publish it as if it is his content. That
coupled with the Google Ads equates to stealing.. in my opinion.. unless
this site has your permission.

Anyway, I was not to pleased to find that my content was being used to
generate ad revenue for some other site.. and I don't think anybody else
here is either.

I did a whois query on and came up with this:


at least one other site registered to Marvin has been confronted about
stealing content. His site was accused by a couple of weightloss
blogs of stealing their content. Apparently they complained to his hosting provider
and got him to stop.


so.. that's the basic case.. here are some shots of content on





Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Thank You Brother SkuderJaymes,

No, they do not have our permission to do this.

I have emailed them and their service provider, asking them to remove our property from their domain.

Abuse Support,

This message is to request your help in requiring "" to remove property belonging to our Members (, from their site.

They do not have my or their permission to use our property.

There is a considerable amount of our original content on their site, with direct links to much of it provided via the link below :

Below is the thread bringing this situation to my attention, and I will be advising our Members to contact you ( as well.

Please require "" to remove all "" content from their site.

Looking forward to your attention and response to this request.

If you need more from us, let us know.

Thank You,


I encourage you all, who see your words / property on that site, to email and, asking them to remove your property.

If you get any responses and/or success with your requests, let us know! Of course I will do the same.

Again, Thank You Brother SkuderJaymes!

Much Love and Peace.



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