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May 29, 2003
Riverdale, GA
I just responded to your message about 2 minutes ago [although I don't see it here]. I guess I have to "get the hang of this!!" That's okay!! Anyway, the only link I was was one that's used to email this page to someone else.

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Medouze ... Welcome and Thank you for the information / link. I've never been there before and i had one "fail," as well as a few "warnings." I'll be working to resolve these things.

This thread is more than 2 years old and the experiences aren't the same now as they were then.

Thanks again and please make yourself at home.




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Jul 10, 2003
Its a black thang

Hello family

Thanx XXpanthaxx(hope i spelled it correctly)

family Black planet is not ours it is euro and it is very much in fear of real AFROCENTRIC THOUGHT. Years ago one could express themselves without fear of being shutdown but since they have turned hands the ownership is anti-afrakan.

Also, i have discovered only a handful of black owned sites and ITS A BLACK THANG is where i advertise. i many not agree with many people about issues that i feel are close to my heart like FREEDOM but i am teachable and hold no grudges. Perhaps someone can list a few black owned sites where people can explore and possibly grow a bit.

As for yahoo and MSN if you do not go to your e-mail acct for more than 30 days of if it gets full people will not be able to reach you.
We use yahoo chat so that i can check my mail and when it is over 200 it automatically shuts down until i can empty it out.

I want to also know if in Amerikka there is a black owned web provider?



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