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Mar 30, 2016
White Privilege is something all non white people experience and get benefit from. Privilege is the substitute word for benefit. White people have greatly benefitted from the institutionalized (i.e. racism and prejudice) abuse of Black people. That benefit, today, are the results of the fruits of Black people's labor and this is why it is called privilege. The children of The White people are the beneficiaries of 'that' institutionalized abuse; and this is why it is called 'privilege'. The word 'privilege' is a non aggressive, non accusatory word/term. It bespeaks the result of inheritance without pointing to the inheritances' resume (how it was achieved).
White people have no white privilege. It is their actions, not skin color, that has gained them their status in this, the society they have built.
Non-Whites actually have and use 'white privilege'. All Non-Whites, foreign and domestic, can see the privilege in/of looking at and treating Black People in the way the White People's Institutionalized Abuse have. They see the fruits of it.
They, All Non-White races (including Blacks) living in the united states, see the historic-to-current Institutionalized Abuse Black People have succumbed to and have accepted as their lot in this life. Whereas racism is an economic structure, prejudice is an emotional structure/framework, through which another is seen through/as.
Racism - Don't give a Black person the job/advantage: it ensures our economic value and maintenance for us.
Prejudice - They are ******* anyway: they have no economic value and require no maintenance from us.
All racists are prejudiced but not all prejudiced people have economic power to enforce or generate racism. So even a White person with no economic power can indeed and in thought be prejudiced. Which is an emotional framework used for response and victimization; i.e. Using racial slurs, gathering with others to re-enforce the emotional outlook on 'them'.
The White person in the united states is not laboring under the guise of White privilege. Those Whites who assert that they are not prejudiced nor racist are actually suffering from empathy and failing to know what to do with it. So it may or may not generate into guilt or self 're-identification' (the white person who "acts' what they think is Black e.g. Rappers, 'Cultural Appropriationists', etc,,) in some cases.
The term Black Power has degenerated into economic power; the deification of money. The term Black Power has lost its Authority. Rampant in the Black community is the idea that Black or not, if you have no money, what good are you anyway? Why should you matter?
Authority : from its noun root 'author'. An author is one whose experience with words is laudable? One whose experience with words allows to use words to express Reality/Thought/Idea? A person has 'authority' because of their 'experience' with words and subsequently reality. So, ones' mother and father had authority because of their experience with words. All Reality is based on words. Emotional content notwithstanding. " Had " authority because once the child learns reality as presented by the authority's words, the child begins to re-create the same reality with their own usage (declination) of words. This is why people think " Times Change" when quite simply, they do not. The ignorant becoming knowledgeable and the knowledgeable becoming dead or obsolete is the only real revolution. Evolution is an opportunity... which benefits all.
As you are reading this the value in and of life in the united states is money which is grossly, fabulously mistaken for authority. Whereas money ONLY affords opportunity, the ignorant feel that it affords or establishes 'authority'. So an old knowledgeable person without money, has no right to authority and is therefore obsolete, or better off dead. Which is why America kills or discards its old - to inherit money.
Black Power is/was/is a term that carried/carries its own resume. Depending on your prejudices and 'traditions', its definition may vary. The Ignorant and the Knowledgeable use it. However, it's relevance has been relegated to an economic reality more so than an emotional or spiritual one. Its no longer a marketable slogan so it has no monetary value; thus, no authority in and of itself. It, the slogan, is one of the pall bearers of Black life in the united states. I do not say the coffin is being carried nor that its filled; but Black people have so immersed themselves into "white Privilege' for economic survival of course, that
true love for ones' people have been TRUMPED for economic gain, stability AND self worth. I do indeed mean the pun.
The Anomie of Black people: This writer feels is due, solely, to our total disregard and annihilation of Faith in The Most High. God, means absolutely nothing to the everyday dealings and struggles in what we call life. Many claim and others even pontificate that America's greatest sin was slavery. This is not so and to say as much is to speak incorrectly. The victim's injury is always great in the eyes of The victim; especially when the victim knows the assailant and requests compensation or demand retribution. America's greatest sin is indeed The Greatest sin: It is Called blasphemy in English Prose and polytheism in Religion.
When a person or nation becomes an abomination (Latin prefix 'abomi' : off the shoulder, flung from the body) abandons the true idea of The Creator, there is not a low or a law that they will not compromise or negotiate to achieve their end. Slavery least of all.
We, Black and White people in the united states, have put down Scripture for a Ph.D. or Studio Time, Being Entertainers or being entertained, or justifiable/presumptuous criminal behavior, in its stead.
I return now to the word " authority ".
Nothing has more right to Authority than the One Who created words. Our scholarship (i.e. that of the world: Western. Eastern and Oriental) has silenced this immutable, although hidden, fact. God, The One Who feeds and is not fed, did in fact include a vocabulary for The Reality which ensures His Grace and Refuge, while on This earth. Black People, for a myriad of viable reasons, have left that vocabulary and thus that reality; we are as oblivious to it, Gods' Reality, as are the unhatched eggs of unborn chickens are to the awaiting butter and grease and human bowels.
As a group we are steering so far away from the Remembrance, Recollection of God as a Presence that nothing is familiar nor is there any good that remains dependable. So much so, that each one is a self deified version of themselves and quite capable of doing whatever is necessary to be or achieve whatever they want. Abdication of Faith First; which is the ultimate Anomie.
So, the while we seek solace in each others' words and opinions The reality which is clearly outlined in The Original Language of Scripture (i.e. Speech of God) goes unchecked. So we rot in our perfumed filth and hope. I call your attention to The Speech of God as found in the writing of Zephaniah. A statement that when written was done so for us in our time and at this time. In the English language it falls short but like all translations the smell to the intellect should be undeniable. Chapter 3 verse 9. To you be peace.
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Aug 21, 2012
America's greatest sin is indeed The Greatest sin: It is Called blasphemy in English Prose and polytheism in Religion.
Interesting read. But monotheism is a new concept. The idea of one "God" for every human soul has no real support, facts or evidence--- other than how one may "feel" about it.


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Mar 30, 2016
Exactly Perfection!!! It seems as though new concepts and new words are the means by which we are driven further away from our territory/residence in The Light and nailed deeper into the context of the conquerors. Polytheism is the clinical word for what Scripture, Speech of The Most High, calls Blasphemy. Monotheism is the clinical word for the conquerors' tolerance for religion 'allowed' on his plains. When did Black People abandon using the term " The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ", and for what reason? Intellectual modernity? Conformity?
The phrase struck fear in idolaters and their nations while at the same time it gave solace to the needy, the orphan and the poor. It was a reminder among ourselves as to who we are and where we are going. Our identity was our perception of The Most High and The Most High was our identity.
Cool moniker, by the way.


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Mar 30, 2016
So you agree with me that "The Most High" was first a black female, right?
It is OUR minds and thinking that is befuddled by prepositions. The word 'was' does not apply to The Most High nor is it found in The Speech pattern of The Most High. Have you EVER found in Scripture a Self-Description of The Most High? There is a distinct difference between Speech and Language; the latter belonging to human beings alone. We fail in attributing anything to The Most High that The Most High has not. The Most High says in Scripture " There does not exist an Equal/Rival or Opposite". The Most High states that The Most High is Creator and not created; Creator of male and female. The Most High states that The Most High was neither born nor Gives birth. Is not fed, but feeds and there is no likeness in existence for The Most High. We have been given a degree of The Most High's Attributes.
Due to the fragility of language and our ability to process pure thought we assign pronouns like HE or SHE to The Most High when we speak and consider within our minds. However, The Most High carries no pronouns as Names or Attributes. This is difficult to ascertain in the English language and its mechanics prevent us from seeing into thought. We are crippled by the language we use and think in. What was entity in our original speech and thinking has become idea and concept in English.
True, Adam and his mate and their children were the color of black mud. Whereas skin color has degenerated into what we call diversity today.. our soul and the true nature of a woman's soul has been traumatized and rendered to coma. Take an example. Adam body was formed from black mud and The Most High blew into that corpse and Adam became Adam, enlivened with Soul. However the body of Hawa, Eve, is not explained in the English translation so much has been left for man to play with and assume and abuse. but in The original language, That 'rib' from which Eve was built is described very succinctly and precisely. A 'rib' is of course a part of the human spine. Each rib is an extended bone coming from the spine. And of course the spine is apart of the skeleton. Well, the skeleton protects only two things: The brain and spinal chord; while all the other muscles of the body SURROUND IT. The brain and spinal chord are the only 'muscles' that the skeleton protects. In Scripture, The Most High removed that which is INSIDE of the skeleton, rib, the one closest to the heart of Adam, to construct the physical body and ethereal nature of the female. Whereas the physical body of Adam, the male, was constructed from the Mud and Water of the earth.
Satan and those who follow his lead have long been in the business of destroying the female by disguising the knowledge of her essence and subsequently her purpose.
I apologize if my response is annoying or long winded but it is the truth as is found in the original language of The Holy Bible. Your Brother, Taahir.
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