Chief Elder Osiris : Black People Are In Need Of A Mental Revolution

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
By Chief Elder Osiris

You Know Beloved, it really does not matter how direct the Divine Truth is shared with Black people, the Spirit shown toward the Divine truth will remain to be the same, which is total disrespect, and there are profane qualities now inherit in Black People Mind that will not allow Black people to entertain something that is not familiar to the Mind Black people now have Guiding our Body Life.

There are certain profane vanity that Black people are in use of, which prevent Black people from being qualified to accept information that is direct opposed to what the Mind of Black people has been calibrated to identify with, and to accept to be profanely True.

An Untamed Mind is a Mind that is operated with the Wildness of Ego, Envy, and Jealousy, a Mind that is Locked in a caste of Belief, Faith, Hope, and Wishing with a Want for Things to be as have been told that they are, when Life is the main subject of attention.

The Trinity of Evil, they being the vain Ego, Envy, Jealousy, such an expression of spirit is what verify the quality of the Mind that is producing such Spirits, and when your Mind has been made to become dysfunctional Divinely, then the Body Life develop a living condition that is based upon the profane principles of your Body Life, they being those principles that is listed above in this Missive, enclosed with the Trinity of Evil that affect the normal Divine Functioning of the Mind, a Mind that Black people now wear, which is not the Mind that came with the Black Body.

There is no way out for Black People, out from the control of Lucifer Mind, without waging a Mental Revolution, the Mind that now control and Guide Black so call Afrikan People, and it is this quality of information I am sharing that cause Black so call Afrikan people to do not want to Hear.

Because it is Divine Information that is coming and contradicting all that they have been made to believe about the Divine Essence, Both Universe, and about the Black Body Life.

So you see, it be those quality of Black people who have adopted certain Black people to be their Mentors, Leaders, and Savior, they who have taught to them flawed information about Life Do and Don't, Right and Wrong, Heaven and Hell.

So therefore, the one Sharing such strange Divine information that Black people are not familiar with, is what cause Black people with the oppressors Mind, to the immediately draw conclusions of rejection, to be formed and acted out by Black people that is revealing just how mental ill Black people have been made to be.

So, since the person sharing Divine information is not a member of certain profane mental level Black people can identify with, and is not a member of certain low level believing Black people profane club, Black people of Lucifer Mind choose to ignore the Messenger and Divine Master Teacher, which is not to be Trusted nor accepted by Black People wearing the Mind of Lucifer the Human Being, the oppressors of Black and Poor People in this World , because what is being shared is aggravating to the profane Mind of Black people, who now is a prisoner of the Mind of the Human Being Lucifer, the Oppressors of Black so call Afrikan People.

So Yes Beloved, not until Black people undergo a Mental revolution, will Black people be able to experience again our Divine Mind, because Divine information recognize only Divine Information to interact with, but a profane Mind is combative toward Divine information, because it is not of the same quality of Mind.

A Mental Revolution will be for the possession of the Black so call Afrikan original Mind, a Mind that was Divine and is what caused Black people to be referred to, not as Human Beings, but as Divine Beings, because only a Divine Mind is qualified to reveal and associate with a Divine Spirit with respect.

So not until Black so call Afrikans are qualified to operate in our Divine Mind, we will not be able to experience the Sovereignty of our Life and the Divine Freedom that come from the action of a Divine Mind.

So all of the pretending and flawed confession Black people make about the level of our intelligence and all of the claim we make about how much we believe about those things in Life that have been taught to us by Lucifer, and such become the barometer we use to measure our so call intelligence by, such become the telling fact as to why Black so call Afrikan people Body Life living condition, is in the state of living condition it is in today.

Black people are in need of having a Mental Revolution, because not until we do, we will not be able to rise above the level of Ignorant Intelligence, that which we so proudly display to the world today.

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

Chief Elder

Author Of Divine Spirituality: Getting To Know The real You

Lies About God

My God The Creator

Put your Trust in those who point the way to our Freedom.(Osiris)

Black People do not need a Savior, Black People need a Divine Master Teacher that will instruct us on how to save ourselves. (Osiris)

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