Black People : Black People Ain't Black Enough To Be Black!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Osiris Akkebala <> wrote:

You Know What Beloved, Black Folks Ain't Black Enough To Be Black, And Free Today!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Beloved Black Afrikan people, do not take what I sare with Black Afrikan people to be a challenge to you, just a revelation of what I know do I share with you and I mean nobody but that white racist Luciferian Human Being, any disrespect, beloved.

So, Consider This:

Here is Black Afrikans problem among many, when we bump into somebody that truly and really is Black using their Divine Mind to do critical free Thinking , we believe it to be our obligation to defend what that white racist Luciferian Human Being has taught us to believe about everything we now believe in and not know a **** thing about what we need to know about what we need to do to free our Black behind, Afrika, and become Governed in Afrika by a United States Of Afrika Government, as a Unified Black Afrikan Nation.

You see, those Mental Items are not the priority of a believing Black Afrika mind today because, here we Black Afrikans are, believing with the Mind Lucifer has created for Black Afrikans to use today, a Mind that is well-calibrated to believe and not Think, beloved.

Do you ever wonder why you observe today Black Afrikans without the motivation to fight for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation???

Beloved, you can't appear to be intelligent using a belief system that forbids you to Think, and you will not Think without the use of your Divine Mind, which is absent from Black Afrikans today and that is why we Black Folks are not today Black enough to be Black, you see to be Black is to be Divine and in Divinity there is Harmony, Order, And Balance Of Thinking Beloved!!!.

The Black Afrikans believers are well trained in defending what they been educated to believe about what is not known by them, the believers can't see because they have been well trained to only look at what they can't see to believe about, they are mentally ordered to stay within the confine of what been taught to them to believe and beloved, a believing mind is a Wanting mind and to be guided by such a mind Lucifer has constructed for the believer use, have you to be no Good to your Black self and honorable and submissive to the believing mind Lucifer now is in control of today , it is the self of Black Afrikan people, we who now walk around with a believing chip on the shoulder of the mind that racist lying Deceiving Prejudice Luciferian Human Being has implanted in that Black body that is now the guide of the Black Afrikan self today.

WE can't be of necessary Divine importance to our Divine Black self being with a want to be just like the oppressors of Black Afrikan people and it is way more dangerous to be with attitudinal behavior (spirit) of that lying deceiving Luciferian white Human Being than to cause your Black self to have the outer appearance of that white racist prejudice Luciferian Human Being, all such acts of behavior revealing that the nature of our Blackness no longer is present with us Black Divine Beings now transformed to become a Luciferian Human Being with a mind whiter than Lucifer himself.

So Yes, Hell Yes, Black Afrikans Ain't Black Enough To Become Free Again!!!
You see beloved Black Afrikan people today, yes today our pigment is label among the color spectrum now being used by the world today, the white world which is now under control by white racist prejudice Human Beings and the shade Black is identified as being absent of apparent Light.

Now, if we so desire to change the way that white racist has set up the world for his believers to believe about, which includes various prism of light and everything else that society believe about, then we Black Afrikans must fight to return to the position we held as being the Black World we were in control of, and then, we will be able to create again the etymological of angles that are put into group relationship to form word pattern for us to use to communicate with each other having the use of, but until then, we are stuck in this time with the white racist etymology of word labeling and definition of the words, been created by that racist prejudice Lucifer Human Being, which is who now have Black Afrikans today not being Black enough to be Black today!!!

So beloved, if we desire to be back in control of the way we desire to live again, then we must be willing to fight to be free again, being in control of the environment we will live in and then will we be Whomever we decide to be in our appearance again, until then, Darkness, Blackness will continue to be the Infinite Energy Spatial presence of the Divine Essence, God, verifying eternal everlasting infinite unmeasured Intelligence!!!

You who have the Divine Mind To Think, then know what has just been shared with you, beloved Black Afrikan People!!!

Divine Respect

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