Black People : Black On Black Crime Is Pro-Racist

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Black On Black Crime Is Pro-racist And Ignorant Stupidity!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

To the Black Afrikan World and especially we who is in America not by choice, we need to wake up to innerstand what you are observing going on in America that is totally not with respect of Black Afrikans in America.

All that you are looking at is not what you been made to believe it is in Black Afrikan favor, the demonstration and political ramblings by those phony *** racist prejudice democrats has nothing to do with making your Black Life matter, as a matter of fact it prove that the living condition of Black Afrikans in America do not matter!!!

Look around you and attempt to see what is happening in America and who it is that is causing all of the demonstration that is going on in America being driven by issues that have not a **** thing to do with Freedom, Justice, Independence for Black Afrikan people!!!

Don't you see that Black On Black Crime only verify the objective of that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being, why do you not use your Divine Mind that will allow you to see to think about who it is that benefit from Black on Black Crime, don't you know just by our experience being in America as long as we have, that if that white racist wanted to stop the Black on Black crime, they could have long time ago stopped it?

Just by the fact that there are stupid ignorant believing Black Afrikan Americans in America living a life of emulated fantasy doing the killing of each other and the innocent does not matter to them, how can Black life matter they making claim to having phony power and authority over certain plots of Land in America Black community they have declared ownership over, that fact alone, have you to know you are dealing with Black profane minds been conditioned by being exposed to witness the criminal behavior of White oligarchs and it is a fantasy being acting out by Black Mental ill Americans who copy the life style of being a Gangsta in the Black community and they aim their weapons on nobody but their own race of Black Afrikan people, all of that going on while Law enforcement officers look the other way giving permission to the act of Black people killing Black people regardless of gender and age, that to me is permission being given by a racist systemic system of injustice against Black Afrikan people, beloved!!!

So, when are Black Afrikans who are victims of Black on Black Crime going to come to face our responsibility to protect our Family, Domestically and racially and stop begging and waiting on the so call criminal injustice system which you speak so negatively about to come and protect your Black behind when that racist system is doing the same thing against our family Black members as those Black Mental ill Afrikan Americans are doing to their own Black Afrikan Domestic Family!!!

Black on Black Crime is proof positive that Black Life Does Not Matter regardless of how much you verbalize such to be so, you have not the evidence in America that prove that Black Life Matter in a racist pandemic America Unjust Prejudice Society and yet we sit on our do nothing behind refusing to unite and organize a campaign that demand Divine Justice, Freedom and Independence for our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors and their Descendants, which will come when the Reparation/Repatriation is paid to our Enslaved Ancestors who have already earned the Reparation/Repatriation that represents Freedom, Justice and Independence for our Enslaved Ancestors and their children of Chattel Slavery descendants!!!

Ignore this I share with Black Afrikan people and you are ignoring your Divine Right to be Free and Independent in Mother Afrika, Black Woman and Man!!!

So, I ask of you, What Time Is It For Black Afrikans and Afrika, Today!!!.

Divine Respect

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