Gun Ownership : Black Men Openly Carrying a Gun in a Holster Will End Racial Profiling in America

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Nov 17, 2006
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Thanks for sharing, the below Thread speaks directly to your points:

Huey P. Newton Gun Club
Discussion in 'Law Forum - Prisons - Gun Ownership' started by shaka64, Aug 20, 2014


There are two open carry groups that are based in the Dallas are (I think). Here is one of them, but it's more that that. It's a survivalist group. The other is the Huey P Newton Gun Club.

Asafo is in ATL.


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Aug 9, 2003
I was raised around weapons, grew up shooting, etc.... My family still hunts. I support 'Castle Law' and the right to defend. Always will.

Open-carry? Can't get on board with this. Not with this stated purpose.
If you're male and big and black? You're probably more likely to be profiled. So, I got a few comments to make:

-- If black men are targeted because they appear threatening - if victims are often shot by officers operating under the ..."presumption"... that they're reaching for a weapon or armed (we call that "carrying"?) - how exactly would running around flaunting open-carry status, the deliberate and OBVIOUS intent being to 'show the police', help perception? I really don't know how anyone could think that a holstered weapon or knowledge that an individual/possible evildoer has one would be a deterrent for any police officer. The fact that an individual may be armed would be assumed, don't you think?

-- No one "carries" to make themselves appear non-threatening.

-- When exactly would you use your defend against a policeman? That's a serious question. That weapon may have to come out of it's holster, y'know? Trading aggression for aggression is an ineffective tactic unless you're prepared to follow thru...and you've got more than a snowball's chance in hell of coming out on top.

-- A gun in every back-pocket or hand will destroy racism? Not likely. A lot of people (men) will be shot and killed because of it, though. *shrug*

-- "Guns for everyone! Let's all be open-carry!"
Not a word about arming these people with education, though. Just a bunch of 'roided up men running around with something to prove. If you don't know and can't demonstrate 'muzzle awareness', I don't want you anywhere near me with a weapon. I'm always at alert when a weapon is present. If I'm out and about with family and a bunch of men show up with rifles and guns? We're out of there.
Actually, it's been tried. Bunch of guys running around Austin and other little towns trying to prove a point. They don't carry handguns but big old assualt rifles slung to their backs. Even in Texas, people get antsy - and most homeowners have weapons. Most Texans do hunt and eat wild meat.
...but people don't even run around open-carry in the country.
Ain't nobody got time for these men with these weapons trying to prove to anything to other Texans about guns and gun-rights.
If I don't have a weapon - I don't care to be near a bunch of people with weapons while trying to shop or eat lunch. I don't trust others like that.
Concealed carry is good enough. It's tacky and ridiculous (and potentially dangerous) to have a weapon out in full view.

Overall -
UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT (I'm just letting ya'll know in advance, LOL):
Overall, I think the guy who thought this up is an alarmist. I think...this is a really stupid idea. It doesn't even work theoretically. LOL Like, there should be a rule. If you're going to propose a solution, it should be achievable. Effective. The goal should be realistic. It should generally make sense.
Egos abound and emotions overule good sense, at this point, among the posters here:

Let them take that tract, as in with the black victims of black bad guys , too, and a few will get their own reality checks/wake up calls....



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Aug 9, 2003
Being on the defensive is one thing: Regression/retreat/etc. is this side of contradictory short of being cowardly....

I. e., the means must justify the ends, which was our way--not their's...



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Mar 21, 2001
Gresham Oregon is reporting that a man that was practicing “open carry” with a brand new handgun was robbed of it – at gunpoint.
The station reports that on October 4th the victim, William Coleman III, was displaying his brand-new Walther P22 handgun to his cousin at about 2 A.M. when he was approached by another man wearing flip-flops and sweat pants, who asked for a cigarette. After displaying his own weapon in his waistband, he told Coleman;
“I like your gun. Give it to me.”

I wonder will this be productive or will it openly create a deeper crime wave ???


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Aug 9, 2003
The illusions get bred by too many would be white militia members etc: The reality is the arming of those supposedly meant to protect and serve all of us-- as though we're in cahoots with those other so called bad guys they're at war with -- !

So do know and understand the mindset of who else else you're in the midst of ...

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