Black People : Black Lives Matter?

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Black Lives Matter Simply Because You Say So???

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

If It Ain't About Your Freedom It Ain't Ready Forb Prime Time!!!???
I hide not the fact that I am a Back To Afrika Freedom Fighter because I know the value of Freedom and of Life and I am not influenced by what that white devilish, satanis, Luciferian Human Being has to say and tell lies to and about our Divine Blackness, do not allow those negroes convenience you not to refer to your pigment as being Black, I will remain referring to myself as wearing a Black pigment until Afrika is back under the social, economic, political, Theological control of the Divine Cosmic Dark Universal Beings and we be living under a United States Of Afrika Government and Mother Afrika is for Her Children Of The Infinite Black Spatial Universe and I do not need confirmation from somebody with a reputational history of mistreating, oppressing lying too and deceiving Black Afrikan people, when we regain control of Mother Afrika and the Living ways of our Divine Universal Ancestors, then we will have the power of words to mean what Black Afrikans Think and Define them to be, until then, that Luciferian Human Being remain in worldly power, all because we today Black Negro Afrikan is a mental ill prisoner of Lucifer made-up religion just for our no using common **** Sense, we Black Afrikans who bow to everything Lucifer educate us to believe, but I will not subscomb to the propaganda indoctrination coming from white Luciferian Oligarchy Human Beings who lie about anything that is experienced Divinely in reference to the Cosmic Divine Black Universal Human Being.
You Dog-Gone Right there has to be a Back To Afrika Diaspora Reparation/Repatriation Liberation Foundation because it is ni Lie that Freedom Is Not Free, Black Afrikan Woman And Man.
Let Be Clarify and make it to be plainly innerstood or not, there is no Black Life, No White Life, No Mulatto Life, No Mongolian Life, there is only One Universal Eternal, Everlasting Universal Life, It Being The Life Of The Greater-Good- God The Divine Essence Of Us All, Everything is Something and there is no such an existence as Nothing, By And From The Life Of Something, Inert, or Something to be seen, it it moves it matters, for it is the Life Of The Greater Good Of All Things, It Being The Divine Energy Intelligence Constituting the Divine Essence, Universal intelligence Over Us All, The Divine It Being God Of Us All, Physical Or Appears Not To Be Physical But It Is!!!
If It Is Not About Freedom It Is Not What Black Afrikans Need To Be Involved With, Beloved, Because It's The Godly Life That Matter To All Things Living.
Come on Black Afrikan people how long are you going to play that Believe Positive Game, and it is believing that you do and it is belief that is the Black Afrikan Demon, because Common **** Sense Demand that you think To know and to know, requires that you act to verify what you make claim to know, so to make the claim that Black lives/Life Matter and you have done nothing to give Divine value to life and life is a standard performance to all things that are with life and the value of Life to you is living, so it is living that have a life to be a matter of importance to you and it is the right to life that gives to you the right to live and it is how you live that matter to the living and not to life, because, life is eternally everlasting infinitely forever Motion, which is its Divine performance.
So if you are Black and determine to have a life to matter to you, then why in the hell do you ignore the value of Living Life, which is to live freely and there is no other value you can associate life to than freedom and to deny the right to live free is to be indignant to life and only the fool has no respect for life which is the cause of you living.
Again I ask the question, why is it that Black Afrikans are afraid of the right to be free, and given our present living condition, it is our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation that represent Black Afrikans Freedom.
Listen Up Black Afrikan People!!!
You now sit on the one issue that will blow the lid off of the true nature of white folks spirit about you and your Black appearance, forget about all of those lies they have you believing it is not about your Blackness, why do you believe the reason being for America to be against the releasing our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation to the Back To Afrika Black Afrikan Nationalist Pan Afrikans, it is all about Black Afrikans to not ever again assume power over Afrika and Self-Determination for a Unified Black Afrikan Nation, those principals of freedom is not to be compromised, beloved,
Beloved Black Afrikans if we Black Afrikans would show thought of unity around the issue of Reparation/Repatriation Back To Afrika To Become The Next Established State in Afrika with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation in our possession, the evil in control of this world today will rise in defiance to our right to have the Life Of Black Afrikans MatterTo The Living Ways Of Our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Universal Ancestors way of living, which is unity in our Divinity.
I was riding in my car when I heard Glenn Beck imply the most racist prejudice Lie now being repeated against the right of Black Afrikans to return to Afrika, he stated on his National Radio/TV podcast station, that it was Black Afrikans who sold our Ancestors Into the Chattel Slavery Institution of America Racism and Unjust prejudice, beloved Black Afrikans we must not allow our children to believe that Bull-Sxxt.
In every up rising you will find money being exchange to traitors hand in support of the perpetrators of the crime against the victims, in the case of Chattel Slavery, all kind and types of lies was being told on the Black Afrikans in order to influence Black Afrikans lover of money than self dignity and yes there was a few Black Afrikans who was participating helping that white racist prejudice Luciferian Human Being in the Enslavement round-up but it was not the way Glen Beck was announcing it to sound and you know why he was panicking, the Government in Ghana is calling us the Diaspora Afrikan Home and Mark my word before long all of Afrika will be summoning the Diaspora Black Afrikans back Home, but I share with you, all of Afrika must with one unified voice call for the payment of Reparation/Repatriation to our Enslaved Ancestors and for us to come home where we are responsible for our freedom and living protection, now is the Time for Afrika and Black Afrikans Liberation at home in Afrika, not America, and wherever else we had to scatter to be undercover from that evil Liciferian Human Being and his white made negro traitors in Afrika political Government position harassing Black Folks, in and out of Afrika.
So it is life provided living performance, depending on whether you are a believer or a common-sense user that give matter to your action performed that is of value to the life that has you to live, that is what matters about the living of life, which is the value to the live performance that has all living things being a matter of Life, which cause Life to matter to the living, but not how your life is lived and not to Life., that value to living life is what matters to the ways of living, and not to Life performance.
If it is not about your right to live freely in Afrika then you order whoever it is in your face lying to you to get out of your Divine Black face, beloved.
Divine Respect

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