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Jan 22, 2001
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Black Gun-Owners Association of South Africa (BGOASA)

Gun politics in South Africa

In South Africa, owning a gun is conditional on a competency test and several other, ill defined factors, including background checking of the applicant, inspection of an owner's premises, and licensing of the weapon by the police introduced in July 2004. The process is currently undergoing review, as the police are at present, not able to adequately or within reasonable time, process either competency certification, new licenses or renewal of existing licenses. Minimum waiting period frequently exceeds 2 years from date of application.

In July 2010, the Black Gun-Owners Association of South Africa (BGOASA), filed a R3.2 Billion lawsuit against the government in regards to the poor implementation of the firearms act, which is claimed to have cost 10,000 jobs in the firearms sector and closed 800 shops . Licensing takes over 2 years to process before revenue can be recognized or is arbitrarily dismissed and rejected by the police. These two factors lead to many dealers not being able to maintain their businesses, in light of greatly reduced revenues. It is interesting to note that only 2% of all black applicants are successful in obtaining their firearm licenses. Leading BGOASA, to claim the act, a disarming campaign similar to one undertaken under Apartheid, by the current government on its own people.

Furthermore, the act has in no way impacted the proliferation of illegal firearms to violent criminals. With criminals more frequently committing crimes with R4 and R5 assault rifles (which are not and never have been available to normal citizens) and 9mm police issue pistols. Reports state that The SA Police Service has lost, had stolen or otherwise misplaced 8 286 firearms, including pistols, shotguns, rifles, and revolvers in three years (2006-2009).

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Jun 5, 2007
Also note that the criminals have such an upper hand in S. Africa that it is the police who have to wear masks for fear of retribution if they arrest a well connected criminal. This pertains to the special units of police like what would be the gang unit here in the states. The criminals in S.A. have no fear of the police, it is quite the other way around.


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Sep 2, 2011
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Don't give civilians weapons and do not follow the stupid American example. Only the military and the police should be armed. Crime is also rampant in south Africa, now they want to make easier to kill.


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May 7, 2011

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