Black People : Black Afrikans Show No Self-Respect

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Black Afrikans Shows No Self-Respect Because We Have No Self-Respect Anymore!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

WE Black Folks run around making it difficult for Black Afrikans to learn about the Divine Truth and knowing what is Real, you interfere with what is being shared with Black Afrikan people that are not in that racist lying deceiving Luciferian Human Being playbook which the mind Black Afrikans use today to remember to believe all you are being educated to believe about is true and real living life with a mind that has you with no respect for your Black Afrikan self, which is the sign of an unintelligent Human Being with a Blackface and a Luciferian Mind.

All of your Divine Past way of living has been erased by that Luciferian Human Being and that which is scattered about is of no interest to a Black Afrikans been made to have no self-respect and goes around changing language being used to inform Black Afrikans about the Divine Truth that shares the fact that Black Afrikans have no more a Divine meaning today while and for living.

The living condition and status socially, economically, Theologically, Politically does not change, we Black folks been mentally crafted to believe that your Black behind living ways do change, yet there is no empirical evidence to prove that there is a difference in the way Black Afrikans condition of living is today,
compared to yesterdays living condition.

Black Afrikans have been conditioned to accept the role of being nobody deserving respect, we have no self-honor, nothing that we believe bother us, Black Afrikan people, we lie first to ourselves and play games with ourselves and we look at that spirit of distrust as being something to brag about and make fun of, we Black Afrikans been made to be a funny people with no desire of self-respect at all, we detest being of character Lucifer have not fashion us to be, Black Afrikans are ridiculously below shame, everything we do within the box of political correctness is of great proud to Black Afrikan people who has no worthwhile value for the Black self we allow that racist Luciferian Human Being to grade our worth of self and the world for us Black Afrikans..

There is nothing Black Afrikans do, say, and believe that is with honor to self, we give less than a **** about our Black Afrikan self, lying all of the time to indicate our worth to self and living to impress the world about who we are not and even though we have certain talents that entertain the Lucifer World, the Mind and spirit of Black Afrikans plays the role of such a deception about who we Black Afrikans really are too self, a nobody with no self-respect because we do nothing to change the status of our performance in the world today.

Black Afrikans are a self-debasing liar to the Black self which we have no love for, we hate our Blackness and love the spirit we show that is cause to be by the Mind Lucifer have given to us to guide us Black Afrikans to be with honor to being a Luciferian Human Being, the creator of the Racist Mind and Spirit been and is now being used against the Black Afrikan Race today as was on yesterdays.

You need this Divine Truth whether you accept it or not, I know that you have been exposed to it by me whom many of you despise because of my Love for Black Afrikan people and Afrika and I am just a stowaway traveled the Middle Passage that landed me in what is referred to as America against my Enslaved Ancestors Will, therefore against my will to be in America to serve that lying deceiving Luciferian Racist Human Being.

Here we Black Afrikans are giving cause to be begged to show honor to our Enslaved Ancestors as if we are ashamed of the fact of how we got to America, not with the Statue Of Liberty Waving us with welcome arms to America, is that why your Black behind refuse to take on the issue of Chattel Slavery Reparation/Repatriation, Black Afrikan Woman And Man???

I am curious as to why you will go running to every beck and call coming from that white prejudice Luciferian Human Being and involve your self with the issues they point out for you to involve your self with and you do so with such passion but oh no, your Black behind will not move with passion of respect for our Enslaved Ancestors issue of Reparation/Repatriation, all you do is talk but no action taken to Demand our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation which America and her surrogates owe to our Enslaved Ancestors and the inaction we show toward the issue of Reparation/Repatriation serve to verify how self disrespectful we are which mean we have no self-respect for our Enslaved Ancestors who brought you here in America so that you will become the catalyst qualified to bring Freedom back to the Black Afrikans to be in Afrika and to have Afrika once again to be for the Black Afrikans with a Unified continental Afrika Government to Govern all of the Black Afrikans in Afrika, Black Afrikan Woman And Man!!!

Your Black Afrikan behind no longer carry the spark of your Divinity, you have lost your Divine Mind and you now move around blinded by the false light of Jesus and his daddy, and you have allowed your Black self to be dishonorable to your Blackness which have you with no shame from the bottom of the mental hell you now look up from pretending to be who you are not Designed to be, that Luciferian Human Being with his mind that will not allow you to show Love and Respect to our Enslaved Ancestors who is representative of all Black Afrikan people in and out of Afrika.

Our days of showing disrespect toward our Enslaved Ancestors is over and the Universal Time will have it to be if your Mind and Spirit do not change to benefit the Darkness of your body mind and spirit to the Divine Truth and Reality of your Natural Design that will have you aware of the responsibility we Black Afrikans have to collect the debt owed by America and her surrogates in crime committed against our enslaved Ancestors which must not be allowed to go unpunished, such would be an insult to our Enslaved Ancestors, Black Afrikan People!!!

I know that this is strong medicine for the mind you have guiding you today, but take it and it is good for what is ailing the Black World today and I serve it to you with Divine Love and Freedom, Justice, And Independence to come from your obedience beloved.

I Come To You With What You Divinely Need To Know, You Either Accept Or Reject But I Am Free From The Wrath To Come From Your Neglect, Beloved!!!

Divine Respect

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