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Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
The Black Afrikans I see, Hear Of, observe And Know About Ain't Ready To Perform The Task Required To Have Afrika To Be For The Black Afrikans Again And To Have A Unified Black Afrikan Nation Again!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Let me share this Divine Reality with Black Afrikan People who can stand to be informed about the Divine Truth pertaining to Black Afrikan people.

There is no Freedom being enjoyed by Black Afrikans, there is no day of Liberation to be experienced by Black Afrikan people and Afrika, there is no Independence to have come to the Afrikans States in Afrika all be from pretending that there is and yet there is no Afrikans and Afrika residing under the umbrella of Freedom when there is no action of Liberation to have come from the Black Afrikans today, words without action is deceiving and have you pretending, beloved.

Black Afrikans "Want" What Freedom Provides But Don't Want To Do What Needs To Be Done To Obtain Freedom!!!

I start off with exactly how I feel expressing what I know about 21st century Black Afrikan people who now are in a mental lock of self-ignorance which have Black Afrikans functioning in a state of self-denial and with such a damaged Soul Afrika and Black Afrikans now face continuously there is the mass destruction of Black Afrikans going on by the oppressors using Racist Unjust Prejudice Religious lies that is causing the destruction of Black Afrikan people who show no action of resistance, such is my soulful awareness of the spirit of the Black Afrikans today.

We Black Afrikans today behave as if we are undeserving of the Greater Good to come to us while we are living life in the physical, we show no shame of being not taken seriously by the world that Racist Luciferian Human Being is in control of and yes that includes Planet Earth First World people, you Black once use to be Divine performing Universal Being who now have not Freedom as a companion.

The Black Afrikans today love to live off of the bravery and fame of our past Ancestors, reciting the many glorious things they did to protect the dignity of their Divinity but the Divine fact is the action performed in the coming and passing window of Time, stays in that time, and the only way to advance what our Ancestors demonstrated needed to be done when confronted with evil is to deny that evil from taking possession of the Black Soul ( Mind ) and they fought to the death and here we are without the ability to see the need to advance where our Ancient Bravery and victory ended in their window of time.

So, in order to preserve the sanctity of the Soul of Black Afrikan people living and performing on this Planet Earth and the legacy left by our Ancestors, such is not a benefit to the oncoming Descendants of those wise brave Black Ancestors, not by the today Black Afrikans sitting on our do-nothing Black behind boasting about what happen yesteryears ago having not the soulful desire to advance that act of bravery into the present window of time Black Afrikans are born into having choices to make about what quality of living we desire to experience today.

You see, religious belief is a monster of lies and deception and it has ahold of the Soul of Black Afrikan people who live today doubting the very Law of the Nature of the Universe, which is Freedom and it is the spirit of the rule of duality, opposite in performance moving at will obeying the Divine code of acceptance and unacceptance and such a code of determination is being with a soul that determine your way of living and to know what the Greater Good-God Is and what Life is to Living and to Know Thyself is the Divine premium of mind that have you to know what is required to have a relationship with Freedom, it is the sacred Darling of the Perfect Night, Dark Energy Infinite Intelligence, the Divine Essence to everything living in the physical and appear not to be physical freedom is to a common-sense Divine thinking mind.

So, it is a waste of being who you are by the determination of your soul when you allow your Black self to entertain the belief that the Black Afrikans are undeserving to be in the possession of Divine Knowledge that informs you of what the Greater Good-God is and what your responsibility is to the self of Black Afrikan people, which is to always revolve in the presence of Freedom, it is the Divine attribute of the Divine Essence of us all.

So, in view of the state of living condition of Black Afrikan people today, the fact that there is no movement toward becoming free by the Black Afrikan people, have me to know that Black Afrikans are made to be today more about believing than about knowing and Lucifer religion is the foundation of belief and with religion all is pointed away from self having the believers to always look toward heaven and to wait on Jesus to come to take you to the paradise of Heavenly Freedom, Black Afrikans being satisfied to live everyday in the physical not ever experiencing the glorification of Freedom, just bragging about the wisdom and bravery of the Ancient Ancestors who lived in a different window of time which only is meaningful when the Time become of the present to a soul that is to motivate the spirit of Black Afrikans in this present window of Time to act and be not afraid to react to the evil of today that prevent Black Afrikans from engaging in Demanding the Freedom today that belong to our Enslaved Ancestors, thus to the Descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors which will come not by Black Afrikans believing that we are undeserving of that Freedom which come in the form of the Reparation/Repatriation fought for and earned by our Enslaved Ancestors which now place the obligation on the Dscendants of our Enslaved Ancestors and all Black Afrikans in and out of Afrika to unite in Demanding Afrika and Black Afrikans Freedom, Reparation/Repatriation to be in Afrika.

A People who have been made to believe they are undeserving to have the Greater Good of Life Living, is a people no longer in possession of the Divinity of their Soul, a sure sign Lucifer has taken control of the Soul of the Black Afrikan People, once was living Divinely but now chooses to live Profanely under the control of the Godhead Lucifer Created, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. ( Spirit )

Such be the religious doctrine foundation that the religious believers are to believe in and there are a helluva lot of Black Afrikans Religious believers, so is there is a wonder why Afrika is as it is today and there is no Unified Black Afrikan Nation today???

Divine Respect
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