Black People : Black Afrikans Has No Divine Spiritual Integrity

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Black Afrikans Has No Divine Spiritual Integrity Which Means The Mind Is A Prostitute For Lies And Deception!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Yes, I will let you know how you Black Afrikans Are Appearing To Be Before The World Today,
Not Because I Dislike You But Because I Love Knowing The Divine Black Divine Beings We Use To Be, Beloved.

I would be being derelict in my responsibility to myself to Think To Know if I would be affected by what Black Afrikans Say and do while alive living as we do today.

The today Black Afrikans carry no sense of guilt for the way we now use the Mind that guide and influence us to be and do the things that we do today that is not beneficial to the well being of the Black Afrikan people collectively, individualism is Black Folks stumbling block to Divine Thinking, which requires thoughtful consideration for everything that we do as Black Afrikan people.

Black Afrikan people take being self arrogance and ignorant as a badge of honor in the company of that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being, Black Afrikans says things, accept things with a believing mind that has Black Afrikans not knowing the Divine Truth and Reality about, such is the spirit of a prostituted mind being pimped by that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being, now controlling the Black Afrikan World.

The Divine Truth I share with Black Afrikan people, has no effect on the mind performance of Black Afrikan people because it's that white racist mind created specifically for Black Afrikan people to have Black Afrikans desensitized to the Divine Truth being with a mind totally incapable of accepting that which is needed by Black Afrikans to be qualified to get in sync with Time that causes things to change and the quality of that change is based on the quality of the mind guiding and creating the spirit that reflects the personality and character being displayed by Black Afrikan people today being affected by the change Time make available to be, the quality of your personal change depends on the quality of the Mind guiding you, beloved.

The quality of mind in charge of Black Afrikans today has Black Afrikans to be completely mental unaware of the gravity of the self ignorance and disrespect we now display to the extent of the Black Afrikans Mental illness, which is taken to be by Black Afrikans to be the Norm of our Spiritual expression which is being conducted by a prostitute of a Mind.

There is no Divine Truth and Reality that can have an effect on a prostituted mind being pimped by that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being and that is why you now observe Black Afrikan people behaving not with the interest of the Greater Good needed to be for Black Afrikan people displaying a spirit that is the character of foolish and ignorant self disrespecting performance and there is no shame to to inform Black Afrikans that such a spirit is unbecoming of a Divine Black Cosmic Universal Being once being of our Natural spiritual performance as Black Afrikans are overweighted with the silliness of arrogance that white racist created mind shield Black Afrikans from knowing the depth and gravity of the Black Afrikan mental illness today as Black Afrikans accept such a mental status as being the norm for the Black Afrikan Race today living under the guidance of a prostituted Mind pimped by Lucifer that Devil, that Satanic Human Being whom Black Afrikans proudly identify ourselves as being and is acting every bit of such a Luciferian Human Being Spirit.

You can't embarrass a fool, such an attempt to do so only have the fool to become more foolish, believing such a spirit display is being victorious against any intelligent effort to get the fool to realize such is not the nature of the Divine Design of Black Divine Cosmic Universal Beings turned to become that white racist Human Being in ways and action performance.

You can accept this Divine Truth Or You Can Stamp Your Signature Of ignoring On It, The Choice Is The Quality Of Mind You Now Have Guiding You, beloved Black Woman and Man!!!

Divine Respect

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