Black People : Black Afrikan People need To Just Stop And Be Still For A Moment!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Black Afrikan People Need To Just Stop And Take A Step To Be Still With The Mind Now Controlling Us Black Afrikan People.

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

There is such a Force that from Time to Time tells us to just be still when moving too fast being without control of the Mind guiding Black Afrikan people going in a direction that is based on belief.

Lucifer gave us, Black Folks, who is in a Hurry up and wait for mental syndrome, it is a propaganda tactic that keeps you from being in Harmony, Order, and Balance in Mind and Spirit, each is beholden to the other and without you being in control of your mind you lose your Divinity, such set you up to become a victim of Mental illness, which mean absent of Rational Thought performance, beloved.

That is the quality and state of mind we are in today that have us Black Afrikans to be absent of Mental patience and a wayward mind profit, not its victim, but those in control of such a mind, that is not you, Black Afrikan Woman and Man., our mind is totally under the control of that Racist Unjust Prejudice Luciferian Human Being, which I Am Sorry To have to admit too, beloved.

I share with Black Afrikans the Divine Truth which is meant to energize you into action that will have you Demanding our Freedom, yet it moves you not, which mean that we Black Afrikans are far more Mentally ill than one can imagine with a believing mind, the performance of mind Black Afrikans are victim of today.

There are many Black Afrikans who act toward the provider of the Divine Truth, as if an enemy to Black Afrikan people, because of the fact that the provider of the Divine Truth speaks the Divine Truth about the state of Mind Black Afrikans are performing with, which is not to the Greater Good of the Blak Afrikan Race.

Yes, Black Afrikans just need to stop and be still for a moment and reintroduce your Black behind to your Divine Mind so you can Think for a change and a thoughtful change Black Afrikans do need today, beloved.

The things we need to know we know no more and the things we shouldn't believe in we believe in time and time again not realizing that to know is what bring about your salvation but to believe remain you with your self-degradation, an act of self disrespect and in such a mind the Divine Truth and Reality does not reside and freedom does not abide, beloved.

If you are Afrikan and is not about Freedom, then you ain't Black and it is your Blackness that verify your Divinity, reflecting the Infinite Dark Energy Universal Intelligence, beloved.

It's all about the glorification of Freedom, not about Civil Rights, equality community welfare control, it is about the Freedom of Mind that introduce you to your Divinity, living in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the physical Universe and the Divine Essence of it all, the Infinite dark Space Matter Energy intellectual Existence being of Dark Space, Time, Life forever Moving causing all things physical to live and things appearing not to be moving, to be, such be the Divine Essence Of Us All, the God Of EternalEverlasting Existence whose very Divine Reality and Truth, Is Freedom.

Divine Respect


Jul 2, 2003
Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

You are So Wise !
You are So Right !
We need to slow down. Always needed this.
Focus can be GAINED by doing so.

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