Black People : Black Afrikan Americans Are The Greatest Pretenders!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Black Afrikans Americans Are The Greatest Pretenders In The World!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Divine Truth is not popular when that quality of truth is being told about you and your mind spirit is not in compliance with the Law of the Universe, the Law Of Physic based on the universal related principal action of your physical design verified by the duality of opposites, for every action there is a reaction if there is an up there is a down, where there is a positive there is a negative to get a related action, where there is a Feminine present there is a masculine present to be able to reproduce, an action that require the assimilation of opposing integrated performance, to behave outside that natural element of design puts you in violation of the natural order of the Universe and the Universe Infinite Existence is the Dark Energy Spatial Intelligent presence of what constitute the Divine Order Of Divine Truth and Reality, otherwise, you perform pretending to be what you are not, which put you in violation of the Nature Of Your Design.

Let me state right now at the beginning of me sharing this Divine information with Black Afrikan people, **** the notion of presenting a false perception of claiming Unity among Black Afrikans for the sake of presenting such a deceiving perception of Black Afrikan people and all of this Buy Black to instill the sense of Black On Black Support that will lead to Black Business Success, all of that Black Power stuff is no more than a public verbal expression without a Unified Meaning, it is as devastating to Black Afrikan people as Black On Black Crime is among Black Americans, a Fad and a Fashion it is as being committed By Black Afrikan Americans With A Mental Illness, with the act being a verification of Black Afrikan Americans are the Greatest of the great pretenders in the world today, beloved.

Check this Divine Truth out Black Afrikan people, living Divinely has nothing to do with what you believe, wish for, hope for, have faith about, feel or want, there is no successful Black Afrikan Living Today, as long as Afrika and Black Afrikans are at a mental state we are today concerning what we been made to believe success is and who we are not by nature design and to hope for, all such indication is a human being indication having nothing to do with freedom which Black Afrikans have no experience with today, regardless of social-economic status in this white racist Human Being world, a world Black Afrikans pretend our way in the act of living.

We all are depended on that racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being for our Verification of being successful in the World Society that he Control, no if and's, about it, and if you attempt to deny it to be so, you are verifying the subject of this post I am sharing information with Black Afrikans about, accept it or not, it changes not what is, regarding the status of Black Afrikans in the world today and I give less than a **** how much money that may be in your possession at one time or another, your whereabouts and your acting spirit is an indication of how we Black Afrikans relate not to Black Afrikans but to Lucifer World, and in Lucifer World, Black Afrikans is on a 24-hour pretender requirement, behaving as if all is well with your Black behind, Rich or poor, Black Afrikans been trained to lie to Self about the Divine True Nature of your Confused self Hating self, just hold on, I am going somewhere Divinely Truthful With This I Am Sharing about Black Afrikan people today!!!

Pretend as you do, Black Afrikan people, in this present world as designed by White Racist Oligarchs and their surrogate ethnic groups possessed with designed created prejudice toward and about Black Afrikan people, your Black Behind is not the owner and is not in control of anything that might appear to be in your possession, anything you are doing today, it does not qualify you to have power over what you do, although maybe in your possession but really is not in your possession, it can be taken away at will by that racist prejudice Luciferian Human Being in whose world we Black Afrikans now live in and do all kind of Do' Do, trying to become a member of Lucifer world, which you will not, because you are without the Nature of pigment required to be given consideration of acceptance by that Devilish self-identified to be White Satanic Lucifer Human Being, although Black Afrikans strive to become like such that Nature did not Design you to be, according to the nature of your Pigmented body structure, beloved.

I live not to conform to the Rule, Law And Moral authority of my oppressors, they have shown their true spirit against Black Afrikan people, they have no conscious of condemnation about the things they do and have done against Black Afrikan people and the Crime being so grave to the Reality of our Oppression we have no obligation to forget and we have the right to reserve on whatever basis we will consider forgiving that lying deceiving Luciferian Human Being, but my Divine Reality informs me that it is wise to acknowledge the disadvantage of living in a world Black Afrikans have no control over, we must live to become our own Black Moral authority over the way we will live and in the environment, we will reside, which is in Afrika with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation. Repatriation in our possession, beloved.

Now, given the condition of Afrika and Black Afrikan people socially, economically, politically, Theologically, all that we do is done in a capacity of pretending and not until Afrika become for the Black Afrikans under the control and authority of Black Afrikan people and not until Black Afrikan people are a Unified Black Afrikan Nation residing in Afrika, the sign is very clear, Black Afrikans live a Great Pretender way of living Life.

Because, not until the Black Afrikans are in a condition to be self Govern and the way of living is based on Black Afrikans Natural abilities to produce and survive with the power to protect our own being in compliance with the Law of the Universe based on opposites, we Black Afrikans will continue to live a lie pretending to be all that we are not, which is Free, and without Freedom, you live a pretending way of living based on your sensibility and not integrating your Thinking ability which is needed to strengthens your actual truthful thinking ability, beloved Black Woman and Man!!!

So, how can we Black Afrikans be sincere about the Life we live with there being no Unified Black Afrikan Nation, Afrika is now open to any and all our oppressors and we being submissive to the moral compass created by that racist Luciferian Human Being, as we glorify all unnatural behavior calling it an act of freedom expression developing a conscious that does not condemn your Black behind in whatever we Black Afrikans do that comply to the social abnormalities accepted and practiced by that racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being, what a pity and a shame how far the Black once Divine Beings have fallen into the mood and practice of the anti-nature regime of that Luciferian Human Being, there is no wonder why our Black behind will not move to action that will unify us Black Afrikans to Demand Payment of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation owed to our Enslaved Ancestors by America, and her Surrogates in Crime committed by the institution of Chattel Slavery against our Afrikan Ancestors as we Black Afrikans are busy pretending to be who we were not designed to be which is an antinature Luciferian Human Being.

Divine Respect

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