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May 7, 2009


This present beauty queen, Ms. Deshauna Barber, who just recently won the Miss USA Pageant responded to the question about ‘Women in the military’ and won the pageant no doubt due to the points she scored on her response. In part of her speech she said that “we [women] are just as tough as men” and “gender does not limit us in the United States”. She serves as the Army Logistic Commander of her unit.

Presently, I am indifferent to this subject about women in the military because of some questions that I have in regards to certain issues based on the treatment of women and especially Black African-typed women in the past and present. On the one hand, I believe it is absolutely wonderful that women are afforded the opportunity to serve in the military in America and in the country and nation that they represent, but on the other hand due to the awful treatment of women in the past and present, I am leery of women being mistreated even more so under a guise of secrecy due to the nature of military activity and war. Presently, it has been reported that only one country in the world, ISRAEL, had a mandatory law that all single and married women without children must serve in the military and this was made law in 1948, and so I wonder why and if other countries will eventually follow and use this law to hurt women? It has also been reported on BBC that in the Eritrean-Ethiopian Conflict in 1999 that about a quarter of the Eritrean military were women. WOW, that is amazing. So therefore too, as a result of hearing about these new happenings, I am beginning to wonder if America has decided to step up its program in allowing women to fight are due to these events in Eritrea and Israel.

The statistics today in regards to women in certain combat roles do not perform as well as men and this seems obvious to me because under certain situations where physical strength is needed, most women just do not have the DNA to match the strength of a man. Therefore if a group or unit has to depend upon their members it could be a terrible outcome knowing how the past experiences have already shown failure. So this brings me to another thought in regards to why, this year, in that this happens to be THE FIRST TIME A MILITARY MEMBER won the MISS USA Pageant and too, she was Black African American! Other reports show that units are being formed as ‘an all-female combat unit’! — This is amazing for me to see this happening today. Will our women be lined up to defend themselves and America against other women? How can any country ensure the safety of its military women to not be put in an obvious unequal ‘might’ situation where they cannot use or depend on fire force behind the rifle? What is this world coming to? Anyway, I have decided to post a few picture references of my recent findings on this subject.

In 2013 female U.S. Army soldiers are being asked to take part in a new training course designed by Combined Joint Task Force Paladin, which is specifically designed for Female Engagement Team members…. [29] This change will open up hundreds of thousands of front-line positions for women. The goal is for all assessments to be complete and have women fully integrated into all roles in the army by 2016. [30]


ERITREAN GIRL of Northeast Africa in Military

ERTREAN GIRL in Military,
Northeast Africa

------------------------------------------------------------------- -

By May 2015, all nineteen women vying to become the first female Army Rangers had failed their training at Ranger School. Eleven of the nineteen dropped out in the first four days of training. …[31] Two of the original 19 women graduated in August 2015. [32] A third graduated in October 2015. [33]

In April 2015 after two-and-a-half year period in which the tough Marine Corps’ infantry Officer Course became gender-integrated for research ended without a single female graduate. [34] The final two participants in the Marines’ experiment with training women for ground combat started and failed the IOC on April 2. Both were dropped that same day during the grueling initial Combat Endurance Test. [35]

In December 2015, Defense Secretary Ash Carter stated that starting in 2016 all combat jobs would open to women, however Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford of the Marine Corps, wanted to keep certain direct combat positions such as infantry and machine gunner closed to women. [36]

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